Deloitte’s Global Thought Machine Centre of Excellence


Deloitte’s Global Thought Machine Centre of Excellence

Our Warsaw office gathers 150+ core banking professionals that act as global Thought Machine Centre of Excellence (CoE) within Deloitte. We provide services to the FSI industry covering the full lifecycle of banking transformation around Thought Machine’s Vault platform.

Thought Machine and Alpha integration

Core Banking Integration Adapter was created to facilitate communication between Deloitte proprietary Open Banking Platform called Alpha and Thought Machine Vault Core Banking system across all functional domains.

Right now it contains more than 20 deployment ready services facilitating Customer Onboarding, Account Opening, Account Servicing, Loan origination, Loan simulations, Loan servicing, Payments and Transactions.

It is developed as a part of the scalable cloud-native solution (Docker over Kubernetes), that can be deployed also on premise if needed.

Workflow generator

Workflows allow banks to setup business process logic for products in TM Vault. The workflow activities are implemented directly on the TM Vault platform.

Workflow generator allows developers to increase the development speed by providing the ability to build new workflows using preconfigured, shared steps, in a way similar to how the kids are building new things from the plastic bricks.

Workflow generator is a tool developed in Python language and allows users to build and deploy workflows with just a couple of clicks. Tool is also able to do the simulation tests of the generated workflows using real TM Vault instance via the proper simulation API.

Migration accelerator

Deloitte provides a proprietary migration and reconciliation toolset, designed and built with the main purpose of facilitating data transformation and its load to Core Banking System. Migration Accelerator allows for execution of migration using parametrization, without coding.

Deloitte Migration Accelerator ensures full technical automation of transformation, load and reconciliation processes.

Our tool offers immediate generation of parametrizable reconciliation reports to validate correctness of data transformation and data load processes.

Vault implementation by Deloitte

In 2021, we started working on implementation of TM Vault for one of the top 5 Polish banks by assets.


Wojciech Frączek

Wojciech Frączek

Cloud Banking Solutions Lead

Wojciech is a Senior Manager in a Deloitte Consulting Digital Banking Solutions practice specializing in cloud-based systems for banks. Wojciech has wide range of experience in technology-related proj... Więcej

Wojciech Wróbel

Wojciech Wróbel

Partner Associate

Wojciech has 19 years of experience working for software and consulting companies, implementing technological solutions for FS clients. In his work Wojciech focuses on applying technology to obtain ta... Więcej