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Mykyta Volikov

MarTech Service Delivery Manager, Operate Leader, Deloitte Digital CE

Mykyta Volikov

Kompleks Unity Center

ul. A. Lubomirskiego 20




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Mykyta is a passionate manager with over 7 years of experience on digital marketing projects. His unique mix of previous work apprenticeship together with accomplished academic degrees prepared Mykyta for the responsible, creative and high-end challenges. Experience in sales, operations management, combined with digital marketing background encouraged him to design and adapt Service Catalog model for Deloitte Digital Run Services. 

Currently he is focused on transition of key clients from Time and Material model to Service Catalog model, so that both parties can benefit from cost efficiency, predictability, simplicity and highest quality.

Mykyta tend to be exacting, realistic, collaborative, and calm. Moreover, he is also contextual, meticulous, and a leader.

Mykyta Volikov