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CFO Confidence Index

Central Europe CFO Survey

The Deloitte Central Europe CFO Confidence Index consists of three sub-indices that reflect CFOs’ optimism (or lack of it) about three key issues: economic processes (the Economy Confidence Index); the business environment (the Business Environment Confidence Index); and prospects for the development of their companies (the Company Perspective Index).

The sub-indices are a mean of the net balance index for selected questions. The main index is a mean of the sub-indices and assumes values between - 100 and 100, with - 100 meaning that a given CFO provided only pessimistic answers and 100 meaning only optimistic ones.

The Economy Confidence Index is based on questions concerning economic growth, unemployment and the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

The Business Environment Confidence Index is based on questions concerning uncertainty, risk, operational expenses, the attractiveness of different sources of funding and opinions about the M&A market.

The Company Perspective Index is based on questions concerning the company's future, financial condition (revenue, debt-servicing capabilities, capital expenditure and margins), its predicted level of gearing and employee numbers.