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Wisdom of the crowd? Finding ways to develop the BOA’s long-term ambitions

Using the power of crowdsourcing to find new sources of revenue for the British Olympic Association

It's what we do that makes the difference

Deloitte has been working with the British Olympic Association (BOA) and Team GB since before London 2012. An in-house Deloitte secondee team has been helping the BOA to manage its Rio 2016 Programme, while our consulting team has been helping develop an eight-year strategic plan to help the BOA become a financially sustainable and competitive global brand.

As part of this process, Deloitte ran a firmwide Innovation Challenge - a crowdsourcing competition where we invited our 15,000 people in the UK to share their ideas about how the BOA could develop its commercial programme and grow the Team GB brand globally.

Of the 50 ideas that were submitted, we selected 5 of our people with the most powerful ideas to attend a roundtable with the BOA leadership team and present how they could support the BOA’s long-term ambitions. The winning themes built upon ideas already under consideration by the BOA and a number of these are already coming to life.

For example, our suggestions around mass-participation events are being explored through the BOA’s partnership with the National Lottery to deliver the ‘I am Team GB’ event. The contest, which will take place shortly after the Rio Games, will see participants attempt to break a world record for the number of people taking part in a single sports day. Following this, Deloitte will conduct a feasibility study to identify opportunities to run a Team GB event annually.

Increasing the BOA’s social media presence and developing engaging new digital content were two additional areas highlighted in our Innovation Challenge. The advent of the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Channel in late 2016 presents exciting opportunities for the BOA and its sporting partners to increase their reach and impact.

As part of Deloitte’s own innovation strategy, we’ve identified crowdsourcing as one of four key disruptors and we are proud to have demonstrated the impact that our own ‘crowd’ can have in tackling our clients' biggest challenges.

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