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Family-friendly Policies  

At Deloitte we believe that enabling everyone to balance their career with life outside work and providing the culture and support needed to make this happen is crucial to our success. We offer a range of benefits and support to our working parents. Below is a summary of the key things we do. We hope this answers any questions you may have, but we are very happy to discuss further with you.

Working Parents Transitions Programme

Our award-winning Working Parents Transitions Programme helps our parents and their team leaders manage the transition into parenthood as smoothly as possible, regardless of whether they are becoming a parent for the first time or adding to their family.


Enhanced pay during parenting leave

After a qualifying period, we offer an enhanced level of pay during the various types of parenting leave, as set out below. 

Maternity, adoption and surrogacy leave

  • 16 weeks at full salary*
  • 10 weeks at 50% of full salary* (or statutory pay, if higher)
  • 13 weeks at statutory pay

Paternity leave 

Full salary* for the 4 week paternity leave period

Shared Parental leave

Our enhanced pay for shared parental leave is equal to the enhanced pay we offer at the equivalent point during maternity, adoption and surrogacy leave.

You can read about the experience of some of our people who have taken shared parental leave here.

Anyone taking parenting leave will continue to receive their benefits allowance and/or any selected flexible benefits for the duration of their leave.  For more information on the benefits available at Deloitte, click here.

*salary means normal salary earned during a reference period after any deductions for salary sacrifice arrangements, such as pension contributions or flexible benefits.

Paid leave for fathers/partners to attend ante-natal or adoption appointments

Mothers and adopters and intended parents under surrogacy arrangements have a right to paid time off for ante-natal, adoption and other related appointments.  In addition we offer all fathers, partners and intended parents through surrogacy (regardless of gender) paid leave to accompany their partner to two appointments. If someone wants to attend more than two appointments then arrangements can be made with their line manager, for example by using our agile working approach.

Emergency back-up childcare

If a parent’s primary childcare arrangements have fallen through unexpectedly we provide emergency back-up childcare, for example: a day at nursery, a childminder, holiday club or nanny/home carer.  We offer 5 fully-subsidised and 5 part-subsidised sessions per year.

Working Families network

Deloitte’s Working Families network connects parents, prospective parents and carers across the firm so they can share best practices, resources, ideas, information, and sometimes just simply swap stories.   

GLOBE Families

GLOBE Families is a support network for the whole spectrum of LGBT+ families at Deloitte including:

  • employees with LGBT+ family members (children, siblings, parents)
  • LGBT+ parents
  • LGBT+ colleagues considering growing their family

External helpline

Our 24/7 external Advice Line provides free confidential and independent support and advice for all our people, partners and their immediate families.

Agile Working

Our approach to agile working is underpinned by three simple principles – trust and respect; open and honest communication, and judging solely on output. We offer formal agile arrangements (such as part-time working, annualised days, and our Time Out programme) and informal agile arrangements (such as working from home or informally flexing hours) – the key is that this works for both the individual and the business.

Annualised Days

Our Annualised Days working option enables our people to have an irregular working pattern throughout the year – you could work on a seasonal basis for example, or work only during term-time, with the latter making it particularly attractive to working parents. Of course not all roles are suited to this pattern of working so you would need to discuss it with your potential manager - but we’ll always consider it.

Time Out

Deloitte’s Time Out scheme enables employees to take a four-week period of unpaid leave once a year, for any reason, at a time that suits them and the business. Our aim is to ensure that all our people are able to balance their lives outside work with a successful and fulfilling career.


Where to go for more information

If you have any questions or would like more information, please speak to your Deloitte recruitment contact.



IMPORTANT NOTES: This is our current offering and full details can be found in our policies available to employees when you join the firm.

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