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Our complex, disruptive, ever-more technology-reliant and interconnected world is leaving businesses more exposed than ever. Failure and exploitation, theft, fraud and abuse, are all knocking at the door, every minute of every day. And our visionary people are crafting new ways to keep them out. Together, we’re addressing the biggest issue facing organisations today. As the largest, most prolific cyber consultancy, our insights and expertise are in demand. Join us and you’ll be guiding major clients to their best technology and process decisions. You’ll work at the cutting edge, with some of the finest minds in this field, and be able to take your career in any direction.

Your focus

Cyber Risk, Transformation & Governance
At Deloitte, it’s collaboration that sets us apart. Our scale and structure mean you can draw on all kinds of expertise from across our entire global business, and behave as a true business partner for your clients. Whatever your particular focus, whatever excites you most about Cyber, you’ll get the opportunity here to innovate, to pioneer, to make a genuine and lasting impact. You’ll be shaping our clients’ and our firm’s future, alongside yours. Our Cyber teams currently operate in five key areas:Cyber Security transformations, maturity reviews, target operating models and implementation, threat readiness and protection, application protection, identity and access management, incident response, information privacy and protection, cyber risk analytics, vulnerability management.

Identity & Access Management
Technical consulting on how staff access IT systems and how firms manage identity data.

Cyber Security Engineering
Security engineering design support for client and hosted customers. Architecture, solution specialists.

Information Protection
Developing information protection strategies to manage risk associated with data loss. Data loss prevention, behaviour change and education.

Defending clients’ IT systems and data from cyber attack, including incident response, penetration testing, threat intelligence.

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Your learning and development

At Deloitte, you’ll never stand still. We’re all about supporting and developing our people; propelling you in whichever direction you want to go. As a Cyber specialist, you’ll be part of our Risk Advisory team. Which means access to a wide range of courses designed to develop your business and advisory skills, and delivered through a series of learning and milestone events. You can study for professional qualifications too (including CISM, ITIL and Prince2). Discover more

Meet our Cyber people

"I belong to a large eco-system of cyber professionals who are extremely knowledgeable and eager to share that knowledge."

Careers Case StudiesHow do you explain your job to friends and family?

At its most basic level, Cyber is an enabling function for businesses to grow sustainably in line with their appetite for risk. As consultants we help clients to solve their cyber problems so they can achieve their business objectives. I am constantly learning by working across industries to understand the unique challenges that businesses, government and society face when existing in the digital sphere.

Tell us something about your service line we might not know?

Risk is not something to shy away from and nor can it be completely eradicated. In Risk Advisory we give our clients the confidence to grow in a rapidly changing world, which enables them to positively manage risk. I think this concept of risk is really interesting when making the transition from education to consulting. It’s a good antidote to perfectionism, and encourages us to use our courage to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them.

What’s the best thing about working with your team?

I belong to a large eco-system of cyber professionals who are extremely knowledgeable and eager to share that knowledge with others. I am really proud of the strong bonds we have formed within our graduate cohort. As new cyber professionals who started our careers during a pandemic, these relationships are invaluable as we develop a network of future business leaders. You can be yourself here and there is a genuine belief that different perspectives build more innovative and effective teams. You will work alongside a vibrant mix of professionals who will challenge your thinking and best of all, they want you to challenge their way of thinking too.

I love building a strong, vibrant network around me so I get involved with lots of Deloitte networks including GLOBE (LGBTQ+), Women in Tech, Women in Cyber, and the Sikh Network. I try to go to as many ‘lunch and learn’ sessions as it helps to broaden my horizons.

"Everyone at Deloitte builds relationships with their peers and puts in effort to get to know one another, making the work more enjoyable."

Careers Case StudiesHas anything surprised you about working here?

The culture and warmth I feel from the team and the whole Cyber practice surprised me when I joined. I had a view of an extremely competitive environment with long work hours and intense deadlines, but this is far from reality. Everyone at Deloitte builds relationships with their peers and puts in effort to get to know one another, making the work more enjoyable.

How do you explain your job to friends and family?

When I tell my friends and family I work in Cyber Security, they somehow assume that means I hack people for a living. This is far from what Cyber is! I now tell people I work in Risk Management and Data Privacy within Cyber, helping clients with their cyber and data privacy strategies, as well as identifying risks. Our team then proposes mitigation measures for these risks and develops frameworks, tools and technologies that ensure clients are in compliance with risk management, cyber security, as well as data privacy laws and regulations, such as the GDPR. Cyber has become top of the agenda for many companies and clients. Moving to a digital era has brought about this renewed focus on Cyber and it is exciting to work in an industry that is growing so fast.

What do you do in your spare time?

In my spare time I go running, hiking, cycling and walking because I love being outdoors. I enjoy cooking and baking, so if I’m not outside, I’m experimenting with new recipes in my kitchen after work- which sometimes ends in disaster! In a pre and post Covid world, I enjoy travelling and you can find me planning my next adventurous trip, whether that’s a hike in Austria or a Tough Mudder race. I also like painting and sketching when I get the chance. Luckily a work/life balance is encouraged at Deloitte, giving me time to pursue my hobbies.

"As a woman in Cyber with a non-technical background, I was delighted to see the steps Deloitte are taking to ensure a more diverse team."

Careers Case StudiesIs there anything that has surprised you about joining Deloitte?

I always wanted to work in the public sector, because I felt like I would have fewer opportunities to contribute to wider society if I worked for a private firm. Joining Deloitte proved me wrong. Between the work we do for public sector clients and the many charities we are encouraged to support, I feel able to make an impact on wider society through my day-to-day job. I was also worried about the lack of diversity in Cyber, especially as a woman with a non-technical background. I was delighted to see the steps Deloitte are taking to ensure a more diverse team. The emphasis on diversity and inclusion helped me fit into the team, where my background and opinions are seen as a strength, precisely because they are different. Finally, Deloitte puts a very strong emphasis on work/life balance, which I truly value.

What challenges do you face in your role?

As a Cyber Consultant, I support clients to use technology in a way that is secure, respectful of individuals’ rights, and ethical, to enable them to innovate and work more efficiently. We work with a diverse set of clients with different stakes, interests and working cultures. Understanding these different cultures can be challenging, especially on a short project, but I think it plays a major role in our success. The Cyber team is made up of professionals with diverse experiences in many sectors. I often reach out to the team to understand our clients’ culture, through communities of interests where we share learnings and knowledge on sectors and clients. Team members are always available and eager to share their knowledge, which allows me to learn continuously and broaden my understanding of our clients and Cyber as a whole.

What do you do in you spare time?

I am passionate about the political, social, and psychological impact of technology as well as about education. In my spare time, through the Deloitte Women for Ethical AI Network, I go to schools to raise awareness on AI Ethics. I help younger people think about the impact that Artificial Intelligence can have on our personal, social and professional lives. To keep my work/life balance, I also run and do yoga, as well as reading lots of fiction books, with a soft spot for political dystopias and 20th century literature.

"We’re all encouraged to challenge how we do things and to think about how we could do better."

Careers Case StudiesHow would you describe what you do in Cyber?

I think that people assume ‘Cyber’ only relates to hacking and the implementation of security solutions, but it’s so much more than that. We help our clients with strategy, risk management, governance and assessment of their overall security position. We are involved with everything relating to information security and that’s what I find so interesting - I’m always learning.

Tell us about your most interesting project

I really enjoy working on Cyber Target Operating Models. We look at a client’s information security situation including strategy, operations, organisation design and processes. We then assess that against industry standards, competitor activity and regulatory requirements: all to find the most effective way for them to manage and grow their teams. I’ve worked with all sorts of clients from global financial services firms to large transport and logistics companies. I love getting to see inside their businesses to understand their culture and the issues they face. Applying my experience to help resolve their challenges is so rewarding.

What’s your working day like?

The work is extremely varied, so no two days are ever the same. We deliver strategies, frameworks, reviews, assessments and advisory reports for our clients. We engage with them and our internal teams constantly, to resolve any challenges that might come up and to manage project expectations. This might involve collating project status reports, or creating proposals for new projects. There is a huge amount of collaboration, and if you’re ever struggling with something you can guarantee there’ll be someone in the team who has some experience or insight that will help you out. We’re all encouraged to challenge how we do things and to think about how we could do better. That mindset underpins every aspect of our day to day work.

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