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As recent events have reminded us, there are no certainties in business. Risk is everywhere. But so is opportunity. Your expertise will help our clients stay one step ahead of what hasn’t even been imagined yet.

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You’ll work with brilliant people here, in all areas of risk advisory. People who disrupt how our clients traditionally respond to uncertainty; who combine deep expertise and innovative digital technology, to help drive better performance. You’ll transform the future for organisations that include major corporate, financial and public sector clients, from household names to niche businesses.

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Our nine risk business areas offer a huge breadth of career options. You’ll have opportunities to work on UK and global client engagements, with colleagues across our entire network.


Whether you join us as a technical expert or pure business strategist, you’ll be among true innovators. Together, we’re constantly seeking new ways to solve complex problems and deliver more across every aspect of business that cyber touches. As cyber security becomes ever-more pressing for all organisations, this is a fast-growing area of Deloitte’s business. Find out more.

Deloitte Managed Solutions (DMS)

Our delivery model combines strategic process re-engineering, operational management and the deployment of innovative technologies. You’ll work with some of the UK’s leading firms on large scale operation and regulatory challenges. There are opportunities to work with pioneering architecture and technology, such as robotic and cognitive automation, and diversify across multiple sectors.

Extended Enterprise Risk Management (EERM)

You’ll have the chance to work on projects across diverse industries, including technology, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals and the public sector. You’ll collaborate with senior people and key stakeholders in many different businesses and there will also be the opportunity to travel within the UK and internationally.

Reputation, Crisis & Resilience

We advise and support clients at every stage of the crisis life-cycle. Whatever your area of focus, you can be sure you’ll work with innovative tools, cutting-edge technologies, fascinating industries, and experts from across the Deloitte business.

Risk & Regulation

You’ll have extensive opportunities to work with the largest and most influential financial services clients, helping them strike the right balance between meeting regulatory requirements and running a commercially successful business. You’ll work collaboratively across the Deloitte business and our international offices.

Risk Analytics

One of the fastest growing and highest performing areas of our business, Risk Analytics offers exceptional opportunities for your career. We create multi-disciplinary teams - from data scientists to sportspeople, mathematicians and academics to ex-traders and industry leaders – together you’ll work with clients of all kinds, even professional sports teams.

Strategic Regulatory & Operational Risk (SRO)

Whether you’re focused in one of our key areas: Strategic Risk, Operational Risk, or Regulatory Risk, or within one of our cross-business teams such as sustainability or GRC technology development, we work with such a broad range of clients (in the UK and overseas) that the opportunities to diversify or specialise are huge.

Technology Digital Risk (TDR)

Whether you work on the advisory or assurance side, you’ll be joining a pioneering team of specialists at the cutting-edge of the technology and digital revolution. The diversity of our client base, both in size and industry type, means that you’ll get unprecedented exposure to the inner workings and challenges faced by all kinds of organisations including major global companies.

Meet our Risk Advisory people

"What I personally find so exciting is that we have the freedom to affect massive change."

Tax case studiesDescribe what the Deloitte Ventures team do in Risk Advisory?

To use an analogy – imagine you wanted to make a film. If it’s low budget you’d do everything yourself – the scripts, the rights, directing and so on. If it’s big budget you have a cast of thousands to create that film. That’s what Ventures do for Deloitte. We are the cast of experts that get the blockbuster to market. We create the repeatable processes, and get the right people together, to make sure an idea succeeds. We introduce disruptors such as robotics and artificial intelligence. We find parts of the business that need these products and we create them.

A lot of ideas in Risk Advisory respond to what these disruptive technologies create, for example, how can we tell if what machine learning is churning out is correct? We need to find a solution to that. There are also a lot of Risk Advisory functions that can be automated, such as how technology can be used to respond to regulation, or to develop analytical insights.

What’s the most interesting project within Risk Advisory?

I’d probably say our voice analytics technology, TrueVoice. It uses AI, advanced cognitive technology and machine learning, to analyse a company’s interactions with its customers. Through listening to calls it can detect whether a customer is distressed, angry, or confused. It transcribes conversations and searches for words and phrases, to ensure your company isn’t using language it shouldn’t. It then flags all these things so you can take corrective action. It’s a fascinating project.

How does Deloitte differ from other opportunities in the market?

You’re surrounded by subject matter experts; industry experts, technology experts, and you can access that knowledge whenever you need to. You also have access to clients who understand what the problems are and you can validate what you’re thinking with them. Our relationships are established enough that you can do that without it being a risk. What I personally find so exciting is that we have the freedom to affect massive change. We’re changing how we go to market with our clients. That’s a huge thing.

"We have a great culture and the amount of opportunities here mean you can develop as an individual in the direction that suits you best."

Tax case studiesWhy is Deloitte a great place to work in Risk Advisory?

The opportunities to make a difference here are huge. We’re constantly encouraged to come up with ideas, so a lot of what we do to drive change comes from within our own workforce. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, so we’re using the latest technologies to constantly improve how we deliver our projects and bring insights to our clients. It means I’m always learning. We have a great culture and the amount of opportunities here mean you can develop as an individual in the direction that suits you best. The people are amazing too, I love being part of a great team.

And what do you do?

I work in technology & digital risk, leading and delivering a range of technology risk projects. We help clients better understand and manage the risks that exist within their technology environment and how this impacts their business.

For example, I’m currently working with a leading online fashion retailer, helping them understand the risks they are facing as a company as they embark on a large digital transformation. It’s impacting the way they work, the way their customers interact with them, and the way they utilize technology. It’s fascinating being involved in so many areas of their business.

So, do you need to have a technology background to work here?

No, not at all. That’s one of the amazing things about Deloitte; you’re given all of the training, support and on the job experiences you need to equip you with the core skills and knowledge for your role. I’ve been supported in developing technical and leadership skills for example – both courses I’ve chosen myself and ones that I’ve been nominated for based on what’s needed for my personal development.

What’s your proudest work achievement so far?

One of my proudest moments was working on a project which involved supporting a new mobile operator in the Middle East three weeks prior to their commercial launch. The pressure of working towards such a pivotal moment for them I found exceptionally rewarding. I was reporting directly to the CEO and had to work with a range of global technology providers and specialists, bringing the value of Deloitte to the client through my industry knowledge and specialism. It was a huge challenge but so worth it.

Are you able to work flexibly if you want to?

Yes, absolutely, we have flexibility in our working arrangements and I am trusted to manage my commitments and meet my deadlines regardless of whether I’m working from the office, a client site or home. I have two young children and it’s really important to me that I’m able to spend quality time with them. The flexibility Deloitte gives allows me to make the time to do the school run once a week and go to events at school such as sports day and parents evening.

"For me it’s the people that make it. They are bright, supportive, interesting; we work brilliantly together as a team."

Tax case studiesWhat’s great about working in Risk Advisory?

For me it’s the people that make it. They are bright, supportive, interesting; we work brilliantly together as a team. But it’s not just that, the number of opportunities you get working for such a large firm is amazing. There’s a huge range of clients and projects within every department – so there is always flexibility to move if you’re keen to work on something different. Having worked for a small geophysics company before I joined, I wanted to gain experience working for a large company with opportunities for professional development. Deloitte has certainly given me all of that and more.

Tell us about the most interesting project you’ve worked on

I think the most interesting project involved determining how to establish assurance for a sports organisation’s published rankings. I had to work with the client to understand and explore the processes and criteria being used to create the various rankings. It gave me a great insight into an industry I had no prior experience of, and I’m really interested in sport so it appealed to me personally too.

Another particularly memorable milestone was the first time I was involved in a project from start to finish. Seeing it through from the planning stage right up to sharing the final report with the client gave me a great sense of satisfaction, I learnt so much from that project that I’m now able to draw on for other work.

How are you supported to work flexibly?

I’m often based at the client site, but when I’m not I can work from home if I need to. As long as you get the work done, people are very flexible around your needs. I’m studying to become a chartered accountant and have done other training courses too and there is a great deal of support around study leave. I think there is a myth that working for a global professional services firm means working until midnight every night, that is definitely not the case!

"I love having the flexibility to make something a reality, and really contribute to growing the Cyber business."

Tax case studiesHow you would describe what Cyber at Deloitte does?

We advise our clients on how to protect their most critical information. This can include preventing cyber attacks (small or large), detecting security issues, recovering lost information or even how they can recover their business in some circumstances. It’s not all about specific attacks of course. A lot of our work is helping our clients create cyber security and risk management strategies, and developing their target operating models and processes to avoid any issues occurring in the first place.

What sort of projects do you work on?

We have all sorts of different projects on the go, across a huge variety of industries and sectors. I’m currently working on a large technology project for a global financial services organisation. My day involves understanding the solution architecture and security controls in place, advising on the implementation of controls, performing risk management activities and ensuring compliance with various regulations.

What’s different about working in Cyber at Deloitte?

Our size; we have one of the largest cyber practices and massive growth plans. We also have access to expertise from across the whole firm – that makes it a really exciting place to work.

What do you enjoy most about working in the Cyber team?

The amount of opportunities open to me here is amazing. Being able to create the career path I want, with the support to do that is really motivating. There are some incredibly talented people here and I get to learn from them every day. I love having the flexibility to make something a reality, and really contribute to growing the Cyber business. And above all else, the people are fantastic and the work is genuinely interesting and rewarding - it’s the perfect combination for me.

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