IP Advisory

Delivering tangible outcomes from intangible assets

Deloitte IP Advisory delivers outstanding commercial results by applying a unique blend of strategic IP advice, powerful market and IP analytics capability, and transaction experience.

Creating value through strategic IP management

Ongoing evaluation and optimisation of a company’s portfolio enables the possibility for continuous improvement, growth and value creation.

For intangible assets to be value drivers, they need to be well understood, actively managed and visible to all the major decision-making functions within a business.

By taking a systematic approach to all the stages of the IP Journey, IP Advisory provides a portfolio of services with a strong track record of delivering measurable commercial outcomes creating tangible economic value from intangible assets.

Key contact

Jon Calvert

Jon Calvert


Jon Calvert leads the IP Advisory business within Deloitte. He has extensive experience and leadership in intellectual property strategy development and execution from his many years as a tech executi... More