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Cloud ERP-as-a-service driving innovation and value

A blog post by Chris Jackson, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP; and Drew Scaggs, principal, Enterprise Performance, Deloitte Consulting LLP 

Kinetic Enterprises maintain market-paced momentum by shifting their mindset away from yesterday’s “built to last” perspective toward tomorrow’s “built to evolve” imperative. In addition, Kinetic Enterprises demonstrate four key qualities. They are:

  • Intelligent, leveraging the best possible combination of data, tech, and talent to make insight-driven business decisions;
  • Responsive, using the power of new platforms to enable frictionless scalability and always-evolving infrastructure capabilities;
  • Clean, reducing technical and operational business debt through a technology core that is optimized to evolve; and
  • Inclusive, tapping fluidly into an ever-expanding and diverse ecosystem of increasingly integrated applications, service capabilities, and talent models.

Road to becoming a Kinetic Enterprise

One of the critical focuses for Kinetic Enterprises is leveraging enterprise resource planning (ERP) as an essential foundation for achieving the kinetic state. For Kinetic Enterprises, ERP isn’t just another tool to be plugged into the corporate network or simple management software for routine business activities. Rather, it is the enabling digital foundation that, if leveraged correctly, enables them to capture the benefits of momentum and change. Additionally, for companies still determining how to manage technology disruption, ERP that is properly planned and cloud-enabled for flexibility can give them the power to reimagine themselves as Kinetic Enterprises.

Cloud ERP-as-a-service: Becoming a growth driver

A recent Deloitte survey showcased that almost half of private companies that participated in the survey confirmed spending more than 5% of their firm’s revenue on technology. However, many are still looking for solutions that can help them quickly respond to change, accelerate momentum, and improve the frequency of innovation.

Cloud ERP-as-a-service delivery models offer specific benefits for private companies that need to respond quickly to rapid growth or changing market conditions, especially disruptions that can impede momentum if not appropriately handled. To learn how ERP-as-a-service can help you fast-track ERP transformation, read our article on cloud ERP-as-service and our full report here.

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David Linthicum

David Linthicum

Managing Director | Chief Cloud Strategy Officer

As the chief cloud strategy officer for Deloitte Consulting LLP, David is responsible for building innovative technologies that help clients operate more efficiently while delivering strategies that enable them to disrupt their markets. David is widely respected as a visionary in cloud computing—he was recently named the number one cloud influencer in a report by Apollo Research. For more than 20 years, he has inspired corporations and start-ups to innovate and use resources more productively. As the author of more than 13 books and 5,000 articles, David’s thought leadership has appeared in InfoWorld, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, NPR, Gigaom, and Prior to joining Deloitte, David served as senior vice president at Cloud Technology Partners, where he grew the practice into a major force in the cloud computing market. Previously, he led Blue Mountain Labs, helping organizations find value in cloud and other emerging technologies. He is a graduate of George Mason University.

Drew Scaggs

Drew Scaggs

Principal | Enterprise Performance

Drew Scaggs is principal in Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Enterprise performance. Drew brings over 25 years of experience across various global industries including financial services, consumer, technology, manufacturing, and industrials. Drew advises top companies executives on their transformation experience, implementing new and innovative technologies, and how to continue to get value out of their investment over time. His deep expertise and knowledge are around transformation helps organizations shift business priorities to business outcomes and deliver higher performance. Drew, in personal time, loves spending time with his family, coaching sports, and playing golf.