Redefining leadership with an inclusive approach

Driving performance with a diverse and inclusive workplace

As approaches for inclusion are continuing to evolve, redefining what leadership looks like is a crucial imperative for organizations seeking to engage talent, inspire innovation, and thrive in the future. Deloitte’s Shift/Forward report, in collaboration with The Female Quotient, examines the role leaders can play in advancing and operationalizing inclusion in the workplace.

Shift/Forward redefining leadership

No matter where they are in their inclusion journey, organizations are struggling now more than ever to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace for their people. How can organizations influence what are often highly personal experiences?

To help answer this question, Deloitte and The Female Quotient conducted a survey of more than 5,000 respondents across the United States, in a range of different organizations and industries, to reexamine the role that leadership plays in advancing inclusion in the workplace today. Here’s what the research revealed.

Redefining leadership today

Today’s workforce is eager for change and for today’s leaders to step up and seize the opportunities for their organizations to thrive in this new era. Now is the time for leaders to embrace this call and recognize that the leadership framework has changed. This redefining prioritizes the humanity of leadership, demonstrating hard and soft power, and amplifies this tone throughout the organization. For further study on diversity and inclusion at work, explore our latest reports on inclusive leadership and the inclusive workplace.

redefining leadership
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