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Standing With our Jewish Colleagues Amidst Rising Antisemitism

May 26, 2021 message to our colleagues

Recently, we have witnessed a surge in violence and antisemitic acts against the Jewish community. These acts remind us of the commitment and responsibility each of us has to speak out against hate, violence, and discrimination in all its forms wherever and whenever we encounter it. Several organizations have come together to recognize tomorrow as a National Day of Action Against Antisemitism, and all of us at Deloitte will be there to support our Jewish colleagues as we stand together against the disturbing rise in hate crimes.

It is all the more appalling that we are witnessing these issues during Jewish American Heritage Month, which honors the generations of Jewish Americans who have helped shape and reflect our American identity and ideals. Jewish people have come to America to escape discrimination, oppression, and persecution, and have made profound contributions to our country and society.

Sadly, the Jewish community has historically faced the abhorrent scourge of antisemitism. We remain intensely focused on our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, both within our firm and across our communities. Our support for one another and allyship are integral to our firm’s culture. Many of you have raised your concerns and asked what can be done to support our Jewish colleagues. We deeply appreciate your commitment to be an ally. Please make time to check in with your colleagues and friends in the Jewish community. A great way to demonstrate allyship is to respect and learn more about the diverse traditions and holidays that our Jewish colleagues observe and celebrate. At the same time, we encourage you to address any antisemitic behaviors you witness and help raise awareness about what is happening and how we collectively can do better.

Once again, thank you for everything you are doing every day to support our commitment to fight discrimination and racism in all its forms. While there is much work to be done, we know that together we can lead the change we want to see in our society.

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