• Private

    User privacy is respected, and data is not used or stored beyond its intended and stated use and duration; users are able to opt-in / out of sharing their data.

  • Transparent & Explainable

    Users understand how technology is being leveraged, particularly in making decisions; these decisions are easy to understand, auditable, and open to inspection.

  • Fair & Impartial

    The technology is designed and operated inclusively in an aim for equitable application, access, and outcomes.

  • Responsible

    The technology is created and operated in a socially responsible manner.

  • Accountable

    Policies are in place to determine who is responsible for the decisions made or derived with the use of technology.

  • Robust & Reliable

    The technology produces consistent and accurate outputs, withstands errors, and recovers quickly from unforeseen disruptions and misuse.

  • Safe & Secure

    The technology is protected from risks that may cause individual and / or collective physical, emotional, environmental, and / or digital harm.

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