Uncovering the secret to a long and happy life

A WorkWell podcast with Dr. Robert Waldinger

Researching the connection between social interaction and health

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In 1938, the Harvard Study of Adult Development was created to understand the secret to a long and happy life. While the study is still going on today, the findings uncovered that the quality of our relationships correlates directly to our longevity and happiness, and has provided insight into what we can do differently to live a longer and more fulfilling life.

On this episode, Jen Fisher, talks with Dr. Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and a Zen Priest, about the study’s findings, and how friendships and relationships can influence our mental and physical health, both in our social and professional lives.


The idea that socializing at work is a distraction turns out not to be true. When leadership actually set the example of fostering better relationships and sharing more about their own lives, they create a culture in which this kind of interpersonal connection is more common, is more supported and accepted, and the bottom-line benefits from it.

– Robert Waldinger, author of The Good Life: Lessons from the World's Longest Scientific Study of Happiness

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