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Upcoming events

TMA 29th Annual Conference
October 23-25, 2017
Deloitte CRG is pleased to be a sponsor of the Turnaround Management Association’s 29th Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas. Catch up with Rich Infantino, Bob Frezza, Kate McGlynn and others at the event.
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CHC Group Ltd.

Deloitte facilitates a favorable ruling to approve assets transfer of the parent company to a global helicopter services group, which primarily provides transportation to the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as search and rescue services, leading to a successful restructuring outcome for CHC Group Ltd. and associated entities.

Recent engagements

Outdoor Apparel Manufacturer
Deloitte CRG recently completed a company side advisory engagement for one of the United States’ oldest outdoor apparel manufacturing companies. In its role as financial advisor, Deloitte CRG played a leading role in identifying cost reductions and brand rationalization opportunities in addition to developing the foundation for improving the company’s packaging and shipping logistics.

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Restructuring market rolls up its sleeves

Challenges facing the energy, shipping, and retail industries

By Kirk Blair

The restructuring market has been tumultuous during 2016. This year saw many filings within the oil & gas sector, as well as several high profile shipping and retail filings. Through the next six to 12 months, continued activity is expected in the energy, shipping, and retail industries as we face uncertainty related to global markets, political changes, and technological disruption.

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