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The Deloitte Corporate Restructuring Group (Deloitte CRG) Newsletter addresses the current state and outlook for the Deloitte CRG practice, including recent engagements, announcements, case studies, and upcoming events.


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Upcoming events

ABI 35th Annual Spring Meeting
April 19-22, 2018

Deloitte CRG will be sponsoring the American Bankruptcy Institute’s 35th Annual Spring Meeting where Michael Epstein will be speaking on “Why foreign companies are filing under US Chapter 11” in Washington, D.C. Catch up with Michael, Rich Infantino, Kate McGlynn, and others during the event.
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May 16-18, 2018

Todd Patnode will be speaking on “Distressed Higher Ed and Health Care topics in Valuation” during the American Bankruptcy Institute’s VALCON 2018 in Las Vegas. Come see Todd, Michael Sullivan, and others at VALCON.
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Recent engagements

Carpet manufacturer

Deloitte CRG assisted a potential buyer of a carpet manufacturer operating under Chapter 11 with a 363 sale of the business. Deloitte CRG assessed management’s turnaround strategy which included significant plant consolidation and equipment redeployment, and the prospective financial modeling projections. Management incorporated Deloitte’s recommendations in its updated consolidation strategy and financial projections leading to a proposal to buy the company, including the support to secure proposed financing.

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Carpet manufacturer

Recycling business

Deloitte CRG has been engaged to provide strategic guidance to a US recycling business. Ultimately, the guidance has helped inform the stakeholders that a consensual wind down of the business should increase the value of the assets and reduce creditor exposure. Our efforts have included liquidity management and analysis, creditor negotiations, guidance on dealing with regulatory agencies, and oversight of the sale of equipment and other assets.

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Recycling metal

CHC Group Ltd.

Deloitte facilitates a favorable ruling to approve assets transfer of the parent company to a global helicopter services group, which primarily provides transportation to the offshore oil and gas industry, as well as search and rescue services, leading to a successful restructuring outcome for CHC Group Ltd. and associated entities.

Restructuring market rolls up its sleeves

Challenges facing the energy, shipping, and retail industries

By Kirk Blair

The restructuring market has been tumultuous during 2016. This year saw many filings within the oil & gas sector, as well as several high profile shipping and retail filings. Through the next six to 12 months, continued activity is expected in the energy, shipping, and retail industries as we face uncertainty related to global markets, political changes, and technological disruption.

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