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Mandeep Grewal: Resilient podcast

Enhancing the customer journey

One small interaction can often make the biggest difference when you’re traveling. Mandeep Grewal, the head of customer experience for United Airlines, shares her perspectives on why service matters and the importance of finding your purpose at work.

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Mandeep Grewal, head of customer experience for United Airlines, on enhancing the customer journey

Bumper to bumper traffic to the airport. Long security lines. Weather delays. Most of the frustration that comes from flying is out of airlines’ control. But they usually end up taking most of the blame. How can an airline try to enhance their customers’ experiences when they don’t actually own most of the journey? Mandeep Grewal, the head of customer experience for United Airlines, and Deloitte Risk and Financial Advisory’s Mike Kearney met up at San Francisco International Airport to discuss the evolution of customer service, especially in today’s social media driven world.

If you have the best product and terrible service, that’s not going to work. Even if you have older equipment but deliver phenomenal service, that’s what people will remember.

Mandeep also talks about the importance of finding your passion, expanding your network, and having a common purpose across an organization.

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