Solving an identity and access management conundrum with a customer-centric approach

A global insurer aims for value beyond compliance in a regulated industry.

The challenge

A global insurance organization set out to streamline online identity and access for its customers and business units.

The client had disparate websites—each geography had its own online account registration process and authentication technology for its products and business units. The “look and feel” varied by digital channel, and many required different sets of credentials to log in. Our client realized that this lack of consistency was a burden to its increasingly international customer base. It was also inefficient to maintain internally and made it harder to build a global brand.

The approach

Deloitte took an agile, context-sensitive approach to creating a consistent digital experience across product and national lines.

In a regulated industry, customer identity and access management (CIAM) is generally necessary to meet some aspect of risk management or compliance. To our client, however, compliance was just the starting point. We worked to identify high-value and high-risk touchpoints along the customer journey. From there, we singled out a meaningful set of CIAM services to deploy and capabilities to pilot. Our design principle: build once, deploy to many, with this pilot helping to establish a solid foundation for the CIAM solution.

The outcome

Business units in three countries received a pilot solution in just three weeks.

Participating business units began offering their policyholders a dramatically streamlined customer experience. The lessons from that pilot have informed the way we and our client will scale the solution globally in future phases. Meanwhile, the pilot’s success has attracted other business units eager for a more modern, stable, and cost-effective take on CIAM as a service. Today, hundreds of applications are in the pipeline, with the solution becoming more sophisticated and readily deployable as each iteration produces further refinements.

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