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Women in infrastructure webcast series

Highlighting the future of infrastructure from a female perspective

How are women in infrastructure pioneering for a more sustainable tomorrow? Our on-demand webcast series features female leaders who share their experiences, insights, and challenges—from personal to industry—on the future of infrastructure. Tune in to hear how women in infrastructure are leveling the playing field, from construction management to energy transformation.

Women in infrastructure: The Future of the Workplace

As the way people work and the space they need to do their jobs continues to change, companies must remain flexible and take these changes into account for their portfolio strategy. Deloitte’s upcoming Women in Infrastructure Event will bring together women industry leaders from both the private and public sectors to discuss the future of the workplace and their path to leadership in the industry.

This discussion covers:

  • Implementing Workplace Transformation
  • COVID’s impact on the workplace
  • What is the future of the workplace?
  • What it means to be a woman leader in the industry

Women in infrastructure – The Future of the Workplace

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Women in infrastructure: Energy panel

What’s the state of energy infrastructure today? And where might it be headed in the future? This hour-long webcast explores potential directions of the infrastructure workforce of tomorrow and offers insights from women leaders in the energy sector.

This discussion covers:

  • A snapshot of today’s current energy infrastructure
  • An outlook on where energy industry might be headed with the workforce of tomorrow
  • What it means to be a woman leader in the energy industry
  • How you can advocate for yourself and others

Hear an introduction by Marlene Motyka, principal, and US and global Renewable Energy leader at Deloitte.

Women in infrastructure: Energy panel

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Women in infrastructure: Explore the future of transportation

What does it mean to be a woman leader in the infrastructure sector? This webcast spotlights a panel of female industry leaders and their perspectives on the future of transportation. Check out the hour-long presentation with 45 minutes of panelist discussion and 15 minutes of Q&A.

This discussion covers:

  • How to advocate for others and yourself
  • How our panelists see the infrastructure industry today
  • Where the infrastructure industry is heading and the workforce of tomorrow

This panel is co-hosted by Deloitte and Women in Infrastructure and Real Estate (WIRE).

What’s the future of transportation?

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