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Media & Entertainment Spotlight — Navigating ASU 2019-02 — Improvements to accounting for costs of films and license agreements for program materials

May 2019

This Media & Entertainment Spotlight discusses the implications of the amendments in ASU 2019-02, Improvements to Accounting for Costs of Films and License Agreements for Program Materials — a consensus of the FASB Emerging Issues Task Force, for film and television production cost accounting and highlights key accounting issues and potential challenges for media and entertainment entities that account for film and television production costs under U.S. GAAP.

Power & Utilities Spotlight — Making power and utilities companies more risk-aware and resilient

September 2018

This publication, which is part of a series on Deloitte’s enterprise risk management (ERM) roundtables for the power and utilities (P&U) sector, discusses the roundtable held in October 2017 at Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in Portland, Oregon. The primary goals of the series are to discuss lessons learned, identify trends, promote innovation, perform benchmarking/studies, facilitate networking within the P&U industry, advance risk management practice, and enhance the value of the ERM function.


Insurance Spotlight — FASB makes targeted improvements to the accounting for certain long duration insurance contracts

August 2018

This Insurance Spotlight highlights key aspects of the targeted improvements to the accounting for long-duration insurance contracts.

Power & Utilities Spotlight — Effects of the new revenue standard: Observations from a review of first-quarter 2018 public filings by power and utilities companies

July 2018

This Power & Utilities Spotlight discusses our review of the disclosures in the public filings of a group of companies that adopted the FASB’s new revenue standard (ASC 606) in the first quarter of 2018. While we observed diversity in practice, it’s clear that the standard’s new and modified disclosure guidance has significantly increased the amount and type of information disclosed about revenue activities and related transactions.

Power & Utilities Spotlight — “Failed sales” of nonfinancial assets require reassessment upon adoption of ASC 606 and ASC 610-20

April 2018

This Power & Utilities Spotlight discusses an entity's requirements upon adopting ASC 610-20, which provides guidance on the recognition and measurement of transfers of nonfinancial assets. As a result of the new guidance, an entity may need to reverse its accounting for previous transactions and adjust beginning retained earnings.

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