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Compose Elevator Speeches

Formula for Helping to Compose Elevator Speeches

Many interviews start with the interviewer asking the open-ended question, “Why don’t you tell me about yourself?”  This can throw candidates off and they may spend 5 minutes or more running through each line of their resume. 

Consider answering this question with your elevator speech.

An elevator speech is a 60-90 second high level description of yourself as a candidate.  It is a succinct, high impact, and customized introduction to your target audience.

Listed below are several questions to help you develop your elevator speech.

  1. Who am I? (introduce role/specialty) – I am an IT project manager with experience in Consulting, industry and start-up environments.
  2. What business, field or industry am I in? – I have over 15 years of project management and leadership experience, most recently at Deloitte Consulting LLP.
  3. What group of people do I service? (Be specific -- do you have a niche?) –I provide IT strategy and roadmap consulting to high tech and media companies.
  4. What is my USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? What makes me different from the competition? What are you known for?  I am known for thriving in chaotic project environments – remaining cool under pressure.
  5. Depending on the audience, you can end your elevator speech by customizing to their needs.  What’s in it for them?  I was excited to hear about the Senior PM role at your company because I read on your website that you are expecting significant growth in your media sector.  I have depth in Media and High Tech and will have no problem coming up to speed quickly.

Sample Elevator Speech:

I am an IT strategy project manager with over 15 years of experience in Consulting, industry and start-up environments.  Most recently, I was a Manager with Deloitte Consulting LLP where I provided IT Strategy & Roadmap, IT Governance, and Mergers and Acquisitions consulting services.  I have worked across several industries, but my niche is Media where I’ve successfully delivered projects for Fortune 100 clients.  I’m known for thriving under chaotic project environments with tight deadlines and changing scope.  My peers depend on me to keep the team focused.  I was excited about your Program Manager role, because I have deep experience in the Media sector and can make an immediate impact on your team.

Don’t forget to rehearse your speech out loud prior to your interview!