Alumni Referral Program

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Alumni referral program

Refer a friend, get rewarded

Refer your friends to the many exciting job opportunities we have at Deloitte, and if we hire your candidate, we’ll award you based on their level.

Who is eligible


To be eligible to receive a referral award, you must meet the following three conditions:
  • Must be an alumnus of a Deloitte US Entity based in the United States. 
  • Eligible for the Deloitte US Entities Alumni program
  • Must currently reside in the United States.
You will be ineligible to receive a referral award if any of the following situations apply at the time of the candidate referral or payment of the award:
  • You are an alumnus who is employed by or otherwise affiliated with an attest client or an affiliate of an attest client of the Deloitte US Entities;
  • You are an alumnus living abroad (outside of the United States);
  • You are an alumnus who is referring a candidate who is employed by or otherwise affiliated with an attest client or an affiliate of an attest client;
  • You are an alumnus (not employed by an attest client or an affiliate of an attest client) who is referring a candidate employed by the same company where you are currently employed or otherwise affiliated;
  • You are an alumnus who is currently employed by a US or foreign (non-US) federal, state, or local government;
  • You are an alumnus who is in violation of any obligations/restrictions you may have with current or former employers or affiliated entities by providing this referral;
  • Your referral or acceptance of a referral award would violate any common law, statutory, regulatory, professional, or other applicable restriction or obligation;
  • Your referral or acceptance of a referral award would be inconsistent with the Deloitte US’s independence policies or would create relationships or circumstances that impair Deloitte US’s independence in either fact or appearance;

If you have any questions about whether your referral impacts Deloitte’s US independence requirements, please contact

Validation period

Alumni are responsible for submitting a referral as outlined by the Alumni Referral Program. The candidate profiles are automatically updated and will remain in the national candidate database for 365 days from the date of receipt. The candidate profile will be affiliated with the applicable requisition for immediate access and will be reviewed by the requisition owner and/or delegates for a specific position. The candidate will be able to apply for additional positions on and the referral will still be attached to that candidate for the 365 day eligibility period. After 365 days the referral will expire, but the Alumnus can go back in and refer the candidate again to refresh the eligibility period for another 365 days.


Awards will be paid out for referrals that are a successful hire for a position located within the United States and complete a 30-day period. You will be notified after the 30-day period if you are applicable for this reward. All referrals must be submitted via the Alumni Referral Portal in order for the referral to be valid. If we hire their candidate, we'll award $500 –$7,000 depending on the level of the position. Any award payment is subject to applicable taxes. See below for instructions on how to refer a candidate.

Who is eligible

Begin the process

Verify your alumni eligibility to refer a candidate. Once you are approved, you will receive an e-mail within two business days that which will provide additional instructions on how to submit your candidate.

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How to refer a candidate

Once you have been approved for the alumni referral program, you will receive an e-mail with directions on submitting your candidate(s):

  • Search our posted jobs on the Deloitte US careers site
  • When you find a job that you would like to refer a candidate, open the instructions e-mail you received within your eligibility confirmation to complete the submission survey
  • Complete the submission survey, attach the candidate’s resume and submit it to the US Alumni Referral Support Team mailbox

Legal note:

Alumni may not submit referrals that would violate of any contractual or other restriction or obligation, such as a non-solicitation with current or former employees, or any common law, statutory, regulatory, professional, or other applicable restrictions or obligations.

Alumni must obtain the candidate’s consent to the referral and the disclosure of any of the candidate’s information submitted as part of the referral.

* The alumni referral program is open only to individuals who were employed by a Deloitte US Entity based in the United States. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries (Deloitte US).

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