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Career Journey: Amanda Godown

Taking on the “job that’s never done”

Amanda Godown is passionate about getting more women to join her in the field of technology. It’s hard for her to contain her excitement when she sees so much opportunity for women to lead, and to develop the next big thing that drives business and the marketplace. In her words, “What’s the next cloud??”

Technology is a foundational enabler to what we need to achieve to be successful in the marketplace.

— Amanda Godown, senior manager, technology strategy and practitioner solutions leader,
Deloitte Services LP

No pressure, none at all

Planning the technology infrastructure behind the enormous organization that is Deloitte can be a daunting task. Is that kind of challenge right down your alley? That’s Amanda, and her job description is about not only embracing change but also predicting it, preparing for it, and helping others do the same. Leading a technology strategy team focused on the business of Deloitte’s business, Amanda works to make sure the US firm is set up to succeed with a solid technology backbone. That’s roughly 80,000 people who are impacted by Amanda’s work, and she’s not one bit intimidated.

An unexpected intersection

She is, however, surprised that she works with technology at the center of her career. She started out at as a consultant in Deloitte Consulting LLP, seeing a great place for her to use her strategic planning and visioning skills on behalf of clients. When she learned of the opportunity to join the technology organization—and applying that same strategic experience but with the goal of evolving the organization itself, it was an ah-ha moment for her. 

Seeing the business from the inside out

The view Amanda has on the business is a unique one. She studies the internal processes, the automation, delivery models ... constantly looking for ways to increase professional productivity across all of Deloitte’s businesses. Doing the work of enabling operational effectiveness and efficiency requires her to look at things from every angle possible—the client’s needs, the professional’s needs, priorities and growth opportunities for the organization overall, and of course, constantly shifting technologies. It’s a puzzle she loves solving, again and again.

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