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Career Journey: Olugbenga (Gbenga) Kassim

Identifying risk occasionally requires taking one

Gbenga Kassim is tight with his teammates. And that’s good. Trust and collaboration aren’t just helpful for achieving a childhood dream, they’re essential in the job he does for clients – helping them find and mitigate risk in their IT environments.

While I was in training at Deloitte University, I mentioned that I had never learned to ride a bike as a kid growing up in West Africa. My classmates taught me how to ride that same day.

— Gbenga Kassim, senior consultant, Risk and Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

Thinking like a pessimist

Gbenga spends a lot of time thinking about what could go wrong. It’s not that he has a doomsday mindset. Being able to search out risks—both probable and potential—requires both a keen eye and the ability to see both sides. In the Risk and Financial Advisory practice at Deloitte, he works with clients in health care and life sciences, uncovering the vulnerabilities that can occur especially as consolidation continues to dominate.

Challenging the status quo

Day to day, his team is evaluating the processes and tools that organizations like large hospitals and insurers are using. This involves assessing the IT infrastructure in place, looking at current controls and user compliance, and scenario planning for the worst case—a patient data breach or a dosage mix-up, for instance. He sees his job as a responsibility to challenge the status quo, the way things are being done. And of course, that requires many minds coming together to think creatively about the problems that could arise, potential mitigation techniques that can be considered and how to deliver the insights. One of Gbenga’s favorite attributes of Deloitte is the high value placed on speaking up—to help clients achieve their goals.

Taking care

The high stakes that come with Gbenga’s job aren’t lost on him, but they also don’t intimidate him. Working in health care means that, on any given day, he could be helping an organization save money or save lives. That gives him great satisfaction and strong motivation. Ask him about his most memorable projects, and they have caretaking in common. He even worked with an NGO in their efforts to address hunger challenges in struggling communities—something he saw plenty of during his childhood in Africa. It’s among the many full-circle experiences he’s had at Deloitte.

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