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Career Journey: Nikki Gibbons

The robots are taking over. And that can be a good thing.

Nikki Gibbons can hardly contain herself when you ask her about all the places automation is having an impact on the world around us. And she’s passionate about leading people—not machines—as they envision and then build the solutions that can make our lives better.

Imagine you have a baby, and you want that child’s name recorded correctly with the state that you live in. Humans can make all kinds of mistakes doing that, but automation helps reduce the chance for misspelling—not to mention a lifetime of corrections!

— Nikki Gibbons, solution manager, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Efficiency built in

Working on the Robotics Cognitive Advantage team at Deloitte gives Nikki a frontline role in how automation is helping improve the daily operations that support enormous companies and our individual lives, too. Like most problem solvers, Nikki starts by evaluating challenges and inefficiencies in her clients’ processes. Think: new employee provisioning or granting access to applications they need to do their jobs. Then she structures and deploys a team of technologists who help design a variety of solutions aimed at meeting the need. Nikki oversees testing, refinement, and implementation of those solutions, providing guidance to the team every step of the way. In essence, automation aims to take on the areas of a process that are most prone to human error. Doing that can improve process quality and frees people up for areas where they can be more valuable. So, the robots do what they do best leaving the rest of us to do our best.

Problem answered

What’s so impressive about Robotic Process Automation is its potential speed to implementation. It can be mere weeks, not months. Prior to Deloitte, Nikki spent 18 years as a full stack web developer, solving problems by building and coding interfaces. She guesses that the average length of time to launch was eight months. Now, she and her team can deliver an automation for a formerly manual process in a shorter time frame than in the past. Not only does the work move quickly, but what the work can accomplish expands nearly overnight. That’s an aspect of her job that Nikki loves.

Seeing what the naked eye can’t

Automation isn’t only about increasing efficiency of current processes. Its potential for predictive intelligence may be limitless. Using automation combined with analytics, Nikki points to the capability to help companies choose where to add a new location or help hospitals in their triage processes. In either case, the robotic process can better inform human choices, which means humans working with machines to be more efficient and effective.

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