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​An analyst with Deloitte Consulting LLP's Human Capital competency is dedicated to aligning our clients' “people issues” with their overall business strategy. You will help clients develop and implement solutions that integrate people with business strategy.


Making things happen in business today might seem easy. But making big things happen in a way that creates value—that's what Deloitte Consulting LLP (“Deloitte Consulting”) is about. We help our clients in their efforts to take advantage of big opportunities. Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital competency is dedicated to aligning our clients' “people issues” with their overall business strategy. We help them develop and implement solutions that integrate people with business strategy. Our multidisciplinary approach means we can tap into the experience of our colleagues in other areas of the organization to deliver broad solutions to our clients, with plenty of opportunity for our people to learn and grow.

Our Human Capital service lines fall into three categories. Choose a service line or industry to learn more about our services and to access our latest articles, newsletters, and research in that area.

Service Lines:

Undergraduate opportunities in Human Capital align into four profiles:

  • Human Capital Strategy
    Seeks to address clients’ most complex business challenges by transforming organizations to align Talent and Human Resources strategies with broader business objectives
  • Human Capital Technology
    Involves maximizing performance of the HR and Sales functions through leading-edge systems and processes
  • Human Capital Actuarial 
    Applies quantitative and analytical skills to a wide range of problems for clients, including insurance companies, employers, and governments
  • Human Capital Analytics & Modeling
    Helps organizations use data and leading edge analytics to make informed business decisions

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What we look for

Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital competency is seeking undergraduate candidates who are willing and able to play a number of challenging roles – leader, listener, integrator, problem solver and, above all, highly effective business advisor. We have opportunities for undergraduates pursuing various degrees.

Human Capital Strategy: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Eligible in business, management, human resources, organizational behavior, psychology, economics, finance, social sciences, liberal arts, or other related fields.

Human Capital Technology: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Eligible in business administration, computer science, industrial engineering, human resources, management information systems, or other related fields.

Human Capital Actuarial: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Eligible in mathematics, actuarial science, statistics, risk management, business, finance, economics, or other related fields.

Human Capital Analytics & Modeling: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science
Eligible in statistics, actuarial science, analytics, or other related fields.

If the following attributes describe you, then a Human Capital Analyst role may be for you:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA strongly preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership and team-building capabilities (varsity sport, club leadership, etc.)
  • Engaging and personable
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills
  • Understands Human Capital and people-related issues and challenges
  • Ability to coach and mentor others, engaging and personable
  • High-quality research, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Willingness to travel (required)

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Career path

Deloitte supports your progression through a well-defined career path by providing challenging assignments, mentoring, and targeted training.

Analyst - Human Capital
2 years - Develop broad consulting skills; Gather and research data; develop pertinent and thoughtful analysis; contribute to the creation of deliverables

1-2 years - Develop conclusions from analysis; take responsibility for creating and leading portions of deliverable

Business School / Externship
In between the consultant and senior consultant levels, many practitioners obtain a graduate degree. Learn more about our Graduate School Assistance Program.

Senior Consultant
2-4 years - Lead and evaluate analysis to draw conclusions and develop insightful recommendations and solutions; design deliverable content

3-6 years - Plan and manage moderately complex engagements; structure, review, and validate analysis and recommendations

Senior Manager
4-6 years - Provide overall engagement management; integrate recommendations into a solution for the client

Principal/Managing Director
Serve as a trusted advisor to senior client executives; identify sales opportunities; direct engagement management

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Learning and development


​Through your variety of experiences at Deloitte, you can develop the analytical, communication, and leadership skills that will help you achieve your full potential, no matter what career path you eventually choose.  You will be continually challenged by your clients, your team members, and your peers.  Along the way, you will have access to mentoring, counseling, and training opportunities to help foster and accelerate your development of new skills and capabilities. 

Learning from each other is at the core of our professional development program. When you join Deloitte Consulting, you will be assigned a counselor within your service line. This person will serve as your mentor, providing valuable career feedback and guidance in addition to handling your performance management. You'll also be paired with an onboarding advisor (OBA: someone at your level, but with more experience within the organization) to help you master internal processes and meet other practitioners.

Finally, our Apprenticeship Model offers plenty of opportunity for significant interaction between senior and junior team members. Junior colleagues have the opportunity to make important decisions with the guidance of senior practitioners, listen to new ideas, and hone their skills. This informal program offers the constant potential to learn, grow, and refine, as well as educate others.

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How to apply

​Deloitte Consulting actively recruits accomplished students from select schools nationally. Check out the interactive campus map to find us on campus.  Please contact your campus recruiter to learn more about when we will be on campus.

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