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As a business analyst in Deloitte Consulting LLP's Human Capital practice, you can benefit from a program that is dedicated to providing you with an individual experience designed to help you launch your professional career, develop your core consulting skills, and engage with an incredible group of Human Capital practitioners and clients. The goal is to help you make a smooth transition from college student to business professional. We'll teach you the ins and outs of the client service business, provide you with an understanding of what Human Capital project work actually means for your service line, and get you ready to shine on your first client project.

Launch: Human Capital 101 & National Analyst School

With all the training you'll receive in your first few weeks as a Business Analyst - Human Capital, you may wonder if you're still in school.

Human Capital 101

In your very first week, you will start your onboarding process by attending Human Capital 101. This introduction to Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte Consulting) will help you build your network with Human Capital leadership, facilitators, and peers. Training courses will equip you with foundational knowledge of the Human Capital practice and provide an overview of core consulting skills. You will better understand your role as a business analyst and the expectations for your first project.

National Analyst School

This week-long intensive program is not your typical college lecture. During National Analyst School you will have the opportunity to take the knowledge you've gained through your undergraduate education (you paid a lot for it, you might as well use it!) and during your first week of orientation and apply it to a real-life project situation. By immersing you and your fellow analyst colleagues in a simulated project environment, we'll show you firsthand what consulting is all about – smart, energetic people working hard together to find effective, creative Human Capital solutions to client-specific business problems.

Held at Deloitte University, our leading learning and leadership development center, you'll learn how to work as a team to solve problems and understand client expectations. When it's all over, you'll be ready to hit the ground running on your first project. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to work and socialize with other analysts and Human Capital leaders from across the country to start building your Deloitte Consulting network.

Once you've completed your initial training, you're off to your first client project where you'll get the most important training – on-the-job experience. After all, there's no substitute for the real thing.

Develop: Ongoing Training and Learning

Service Line Training

Training doesn't end when you leave National Analyst School. Service line training is offered throughout the year to enable you to stay up-to-speed on the latest trends and tools to help you serve your clients. Regardless of which service line you are aligned with, there will be online classes, workshops, and other programs offered to continue your development as a consultant.

National HCA Learning Days

We view your education as a journey that never ends, and to prepare you for specific events that happen throughout the year (like yearly reviews and exposure to new industries), we have developed a training program specific to analysts that focuses on what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Engage: Grow Your Network and Enhance Your Experience

Mentorship & Coaching

Learning from each other is at the core of our professional development program. When you join Deloitte Consulting, you will be assigned a counselor within your service line. This person – generally a manager – will serve as your mentor, providing valuable career feedback and guidance in addition to handling your performance management. You'll also be paired with an onboarding advisor (OBA: someone at your level, but with more experience within the organization) to help you master internal processes and meet other practitioners.

Finally, our Apprenticeship Model offers plenty of opportunity for significant interaction between senior and junior team members. Junior colleagues have the opportunity to make important decisions with the guidance of senior practitioners, listen to new ideas, and hone their skills. This informal program offers the constant potential to learn, grow, and refine, as well as educate others.

Analyst Champions

Regional Analyst Champions enable business analysts to take full advantage of development opportunities offered through the program and build a stronger regional community by promoting collaboration, networking, and learning to better prepare analysts for the next level. From Lunch-and-Learns and guest speakers to happy hours and analyst ski trips this group helps you foster relationships with your peers and other Human Capital practitioners.

Postgraduate Education

Human Capital practitioners have a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and levels of education, which is part of what gives us a leading edge. This especially holds true for our Human Capital analysts. Recognizing individual career goals and the variety of career paths an HCA can take, we do not require graduate school to advance within the Human Capital practice at Deloitte Consulting. However, top-performing practitioners are given the opportunity to return to school if it aligns with their individual career development goals.

There is no single answer that fits all Human Capital practitioners in terms of education and career development. Whether it's a graduate school preparatory course, mentoring relationships, or the opportunity to qualify for educational assistance to cover graduate school costs, there's bound to be a solution that will match your individual needs.

Knowledge Tools

We offer a variety of online courses designed to help you advance your understanding of business and management issues. From Web-based simulations to courses from the Harvard Business School eLearning program to an extensive online library of business, finance, and IT books by leading authors, you'll find the information you need right at your fingertips.

Global Learning Programs

As they progress in their careers, many of our people want to gain meaningful international experience and do so through our Global Development Program (GDP). Following an application process, the GDP offers experienced practitioners the opportunity to spend up to three years on an international assignment. The program strengthens our worldwide service capabilities, builds a team of future leaders who understand the challenges of international business, and provides career paths that can benefit the individual, the organization, and our clients.

Actuarial Study Program

Employees specializing in actuarial services are eligible to participate in our Actuarial Study Program. This program designates a percentage of working hours to be used to prepare for actuarial examinations. We also pay for program participants to attend exam seminars and cover the cost of exams and related materials. Employees who successfully pass exams and earn designations are eligible for raises and bonuses.

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