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Human Capital advanced degree

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​Talent strategies. Organization design. Change management. HR transformation. Total reward programs. These are just some of the complex business issues facing our Human Capital practitioners and the clients we serve. As one of the largest Human Capital consultancies in the world, Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte Consulting) helps clients develop solutions across their enterprise and look beyond the traditional boundaries of human resources to find those untapped sources of value.


Our Human Capital competency offerings fall into the three categories listed below:

Graduate-level opportunities in Human Capital align into two profiles:

Seeks to address clients’ most complex business challenges by transforming organizations to align Talent and Human Resources strategies with broader business objectives

Helps organizations use data and leading edge analytics to make informed business decisions

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What we look for

​Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital competency is seeking graduate-level candidates who are willing and able to play a number of challenging roles—leader, listener, integrator, problem solver and, above all, highly effective business advisor.

Minimum qualifications for a Human Capital consultant or senior consultant within Deloitte Consulting include:

  • Currently pursuing an MBA or Master’s degree in Human Resources, Industrial and Labor Relations, Organizational Development, or related fields of study
  • Solid history of achievement in school and work
  • Strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Demonstrated capabilities in teamwork and leadership
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to travel (required)

Additional qualifications for Analytics & Modeling profile include:

  • Strong quantitative skills with ability to effectively analyze data and draw relevant conclusions
  • Data mining and predictive modeling experience (Advanced Analytics & Modeling specific)
  • Knowledge of tools for data mining and statistics (SAS, SPSS, MATLAB) (Advanced Analytics & Modeling specific)
  • Bachelor's or master's degree or equivalent in statistics, actuarial science or related field of study (Advanced Analytics & Modeling specific)
  • Business analytics experience in one or more of the following industries: insurance, consumer products and packaged goods, and human resources (Advanced Analytics & Modeling specific)
  • Experience or interest in working in the insurance industry (Risk Management specific)
  • Prior experience working with relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server (Advanced Analytics & Modeling specific)
  • Modeling expertise using statistical techniques such as logistic and linear regression, decision trees, neural network, or clustering techniques (Advanced Analytics & Modeling specific)

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Career path

As an advanced degree graduate with prior work experience, you'll join Deloitte Consulting's Human Capital competency as a consultant or senior consultant. You'll take the knowledge acquired in your graduate studies and prior experience and apply it to the people and business challenges facing the world's leading organizations—our clients. You will have the opportunity to spend your first two or three years on a variety of assignments that reflect the range of services we provide and industries we serve.

There are many ways to be effective in Human Capital and Deloitte Consulting.  We offer different career models to help meet the individual career needs of practitioners and the needs of the organization.


1-2 years - Develop conclusions from analysis; take responsibility for creating and leading portions of deliverable

Senior Consultant

2-4 years - Lead and evaluate analysis to draw conclusions and develop insightful recommendations and solutions; design deliverable content


3-6 years - Plan and manage moderately complex engagements; structure, review, and validate analysis and recommendations

Senior Manager

4-6 years - Provide overall engagement management; integrate recommendations into a solution for the client

Principal/Managing Director

Serve as a trusted advisor to senior client executives; identify sales opportunities; direct engagement management

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Learning and development

​As Human Capital advisers to some of today's most impactful companies, we'd be remiss if we didn't turn our own advice outside-in. While you're helping our clients with people issues that span across their enterprise, we're following the same principles when it comes to your career development.

One of the best examples of this idea in action is our "Develop-Deploy-Connect" model. Developed to assist companies with their talent management strategies, this model helps our clients concentrate on the things their employees care about most: developing employees in ways that expand their capabilities, deploying employees to work that engages their heads and hearts, and connecting employees with the people who can help them achieve their objectives. We apply this model to our own Human Capital practitioners and enjoy the same positive results.

By develop, we mean offering more than just traditional classroom or online education, even though there are numerous development opportunities through these channels. Rather, we mean providing the real-life learning you'll need to excel in the job. These include "trial-by-fire" simulation experiences, on-the-job learning, and lessons from peers, mentors, and others that expand your skills and grow your capabilities to help develop you as a Human Capital practitioner.

By deploy, we mean working with you to identify your skills, interests, and knowledge to help you find an effective fit within the organization and craft the role and conditions that can help you perform in a leading manner.

By connect, we mean providing you with the tools and guidance you need to build networks that enhance individual and organizational performance and help you improve the quality of your interactions with others.

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How to apply

​Deloitte Consulting actively recruits accomplished students from select schools nationally. Check out the interactive campus map to find us on campus.  Please contact your campus recruiter to learn more about when we will be on campus.

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