A small step into a new global network

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A small step into a new global network

A big leap toward your future

Deloitte’s International Internship Program is your chance to gain invaluable business experience and start building a cross-border professional network that will benefit you for a lifetime.

As a participant in the International Internship Program (IIP), you’ll do more than take in the sights, sounds, and flavors of another country. You will gain international business experience, foster real networking relationships with professionals, and reap the benefits of your global Deloitte community far beyond a few short weeks in the summer.

International Interns will be chosen from a select group of US client service interns. As an IIP participant, you’ll spend approximately four weeks working alongside Deloitte professionals where you will acquire skills that will assist you to operate in the global marketplace, dive into real-world issues affecting international business today, forge relationships with professionals from around the world, and gain exposure to the diverse business processes and cultures.

The International Internship Program is a small step into a new global network and may be a leap toward your future in professional services.

How to apply

Students who have accepted a client service summer internship with Deloitte are eligible to apply for the International Internship Program.  Please contact your recruiter for more information.



Each day, my interactions taught me more than what I could have learned by traveling to multiple other countries throughout the world.
                - Mert Sezgen, Program Participant

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