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Empowered to lead

“At both Virginia Tech and Deloitte, there are so many people from different backgrounds. Everyone at Virginia Tech has a lot of school spirit, and no matter where you come from, we all come out as Hokies. I feel the same way at Deloitte.” — Liz Lee, DC Federal Studio Engineer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Empowered to lead

When Liz Lee speaks of the culture at Deloitte, she says simply, “It is a culture of inclusion.” This was true, she says, before she joined Deloitte full time, back when she was interviewing at career fairs and during her summer internship. “Even as an intern, I was meeting with partners almost on a weekly basis … they had a vested interest in where I took my career,” she says.

Now, as a full-time associate, she points to several ways in which that “vested interest” impacts her work positively. There is the training she’s received through Deloitte University, a “massive” facility dedicated to employee leadership development; the ability she was given immediately to focus on tech related assignments even though she was hired in finance; and the fact that she is working on cross-discipline teams.

But perhaps more than anything, she says, “I have been empowered to lead.” Liz is currently working with a client, managing a release of mandated implementations for the organization in response to stages of the Affordable Care Act.  “It is my baby, and I have worked really hard to get this to where it is right now. It is so rewarding.”

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Charlie Veers

Liz’s advice on succeeding with clients early on:

“You have to do the prep work. You have to be knowledgeable and not go in blind. You have to be able to read people and react based on that.”

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When asked about her typical week, she says that Deloitte offers a flexible schedule. Her team works a couple of days each week at the client site, a couple of days at the Rosslyn office, and then “wherever is convenient” on Fridays. Most days, she works about 10 hours, with much of that being highly collaborative: “We typically work as a team, bouncing ideas off each other.”

It’s clear that family matters a great deal to Liz. She says that she was shaped by her Korean heritage (Korean was one of her first languages), that she’s visited family in Korea several times, and that she enjoys being around home to see her two younger brothers grow up.

That family connection extends to Hokie Nation, “I was about to graduate early, but I didn’t want to leave [Virginia Tech] to be honest,” which is why she stayed to get her second degree in Business Information Technology. And of course, it extends to Deloitte: “We may have different backgrounds and experiences and wants in life, but at the end of the day, we come together to serve the client.”

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Liz Lee has been very busy since her Career Journey profile was first published in early 2015. In fact, Liz officially moved from Deloitte’s Risk and Financial Advisory practice to Deloitte Digital in mid-2016—driven primarily by her desire to dive into all things technology related.

“I had been working in the technology practice and I realized that I had really enjoyed the coding classes I had in college, so I started looking for more opportunities in the coding realm and digital space within Deloitte,” said Liz. “I participated in a Technology Fellowship Program for the organization, which is a highly selective, very intense six to seven-month program where you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to build mobile and web applications. The program also taught me so much about product management, user experience, visual design, and more, but I found that I aligned myself with engineering. I really built my technology fluency through this experience and have applied what I’ve learned in my role in Deloitte Digital, serving our Federal practice.”

Liz said the four years since she joined Deloitte have been highly impactful and she credits the culture, people and programs like the Technology Fellowship Program with her satisfaction with Deloitte. “I’ve had such an amazing four years since I first joined Deloitte from campus. The people and networking, the client work, it’s all been so great and I’m so happy with how far I’ve come through these experiences.”

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Liz's career journey

#Liz in 140-Characters or Less

 “Twenty-something-year-old recent graduate not entirely sure of her path but always on the lookout for her next adventure.”


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