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We are pleased to announce the release of our easily-accessible, easy to digest, illustrated mini-books covering some of our favorite topics. These conversation starters are ideal for sharing at meetings and carrying with you—a must-have series for all leaders navigating The Big Shift.​

Shift Happens: How the world is changing and what you need to do about it

Shift Happens, the first book in the series, explores the underlying forces driving the Big Shift and what actions companies and leaders can take. It addresses the fundamental changes affecting the world today, helping readers navigate the short-term challenges while taking steps to capture the long-term opportunities.

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Institutional Innovation: How to help your organization learn faster and thrive

Institutional Innovation, the second book in the series, explains how leaders can fundamentally improve the bringing together of talent, knowledge and capital to learn faster, problem-solve faster, and break free from “the way we’ve always done it.” This is a guidebook for embracing the opportunity of change.

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Scaling Edges: How to radically transform your organization

Scaling Edges, the third book in the series, provides leaders with a methodology for creating change by staying on the edge of an organization, avoiding conflict with the core while building momentum for transformation, and ultimately overcoming the resistance from the core and emerging as a successful agent of change.

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