A closer look at Deloitte’s ‘Look again’ campaign

This summer, Deloitte launched a bold new advertising campaign that encourages viewers to take another look at the organization. Diana O’Brien, chief marketing officer at Deloitte LLP, and Jonathan “JB” Byrne, creative director at Heat, provide insight into the effort.

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment presents many new challenges, but it also offers countless fresh opportunities—if companies look again to see the possibilities. This summer, Deloitte set out to share that vision by launching an integrated ad campaign, letting clients and prospects know the organization is ready to help them turn whatever the future brings into a competitive advantage.

The timing couldn’t have been better for Deloitte to reconsider the way it connects with the marketplace. The campaign, with the tagline Look again™, was created entirely in-house by Heat, the award-winning, full-service creative agency that Deloitte recently acquired. Deloitte’s strategic sponsorship of the United States Golf Association (USGA) provided an effective way for the effort to stand out. Ads, which include Deloitte’s first TV spots in 15 years, debuted in June during the US Open Championship and will run during additional USGA championships this summer.

The ads present unlikely characters—talking lemons and timepieces—discussing how the unexpected can lead to innovation. The effort also includes in-broadcast features on Fox Sports such as Look again™ replays and retrospectives as well as digital advertising.

“We’re in an environment of constant change, and executives have to be in a position to capitalize on that change before someone else does,” explains Diana O’Brien, chief marketing officer at Deloitte LLP. “Our goal was to create a campaign that was different from anything else in the professional services category and would allow us to reintroduce our brand to the business community. Deloitte is known for our substance and credibility, and as a strong historic brand. But we also bring new thinking, optimism, and a fresh perspective on how to adapt for the future.”

Creative with stopping power

Known for using the element of surprise in its creative work, Heat incorporated visuals and voiceovers with significant stopping power. In one piece, two lemons on a tree debate the old adage about making lemonade when life gives you lemons. A second ad features an antique clock and a smart watch talking about what happens when things don’t run like clockwork. Actors Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson recorded the voiceovers, lending their characteristically contentious—and hilarious—repartee to the ads.

“Everybody thinks they know Deloitte, but the organization’s offerings and years of business experience exceed what most would expect,” explains Jonathan “JB” Byrne, creative director at Heat. “We wanted to create something truly unique and refreshing in the category and persuade our audience to look again at Deloitte.”

The ads’ message and visuals are deceptively simple, Byrne notes. “It’s counterintuitive, but it’s always harder, and takes more effort, to make things simpler,” he says. “We knew that talking fruit and some clever banter would provide a surprising twist to grab the audience’s attention and communicate Deloitte’s message in a way that would stick.”


Look again™

‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’. Now, on the surface that may seem like a positive statement, but if you ask the lemons, you’ll find there’s far more to it than meets the eye.

Moments that matter

Deloitte’s multiyear sponsorship of the USGA, announced in January 2016, provides an opportunity to connect with the 24.1 million active golfers in the US1—many of whom are C-suite executives, IT business decision-makers, potential recruits, and Deloitte employees and colleagues for life—during moments that matter to them. The Look again™ message has a broad enough appeal, however, that it will serve as a long-term platform for communicating across audiences.

Launching a campaign in today’s age of digital and social media is no small feat, O’Brien says. “For advertising to be successful, marketers must spark a dialogue with the audience and manage the interdependencies of a complex ecosystem that includes digital and social teams, broadcast buyers, and networks,” she explains. “Working with Heat enables Deloitte to navigate the process efficiently, combining strategy expertise with creative prowess to achieve business goals in an innovative way.”

Deloitte looks forward to offering its clients those same capabilities now that Heat is on board, O’Brien adds. “Deloitte is now the world’s first creative digital consultancySM, a model that’s transforming the way C-suites approach business in the digital age,” she says. “We provide a single place for our clients to go to connect business strategy with creative and content strategy, customer experience, core business operations, transformational technology, and campaign execution. We are combining creative chops with the powerful Deloitte ecosystem to help our clients look again and find their own disruptive advantage.”

1 National Golf Foundation, Golf Participation in the US,, accessed on June 27, 2016.

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