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Our perspective: Holly Darov

Deloitte Consulting LLP principal Holly Darov discusses how the CMO position has evolved and what marketers can expect in the coming years.​

What has changed about the CMO role?

Marketing is still about driving growth and engaging customers. It’s still about building relationships and inspiring behavioral change. But how you actually execute on that as a CMO has changed dramatically. The tools CMOs use to achieve those goals—the ways they engage with customers, build relationships, and gather insights—are changing all the time.

Today’s tools are more powerful, continue to evolve rapidly, and can challenge CMOs to help the organization stay current. To achieve the expected results in this environment, CMOs should be nimble. They should develop an understanding of what’s new related to marketing and attempt to incorporate it into their own organizations.

What’s ahead for marketers?

They’ll want to continue to do what they’re doing today—leveraging data to develop deep insights into the customer—and they’ll want to become more efficient and effective in how they do it. Overall, marketers should try to improve how they bring value to the customer. They should focus on getting better at learning what the customer wants and consider the best ways to deliver on that. Marketers should think about how to interact with the customer where, when, and how the customer chooses, attempting to deliver information and build relationships on the customer’s terms. That might sound daunting, but as marketers become more sophisticated, they’ll move toward doing those things in a way that’s mutually beneficial to the organization and to the customer.​

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