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AI, Cloud, Cyber

Powerful alone. Exponential together

Deloitte’s AI, Cloud, and Cyber Strategic Growth Offerings (SGOs), when integrated with one another, are exponentially transformative. Recently, Deloitte published content in the Technology section of The New York Times illustrating the power of these three areas.

A force multiplier for recovery

While many businesses are focused on recovery and operating safely, this will require new ways of working - embracing digital disruption and understanding societal changes to create a future where they can not only recover but thrive. Deloitte believes that the integration of AI with Cloud and Cyber is a force multiplier enabling businesses to divide risk, subtract complexity, multiply insight, and add clarity. The following case study examples showcase the power of AI, Cloud, and Cyber working together to transform businesses and industries.

Customer experiences, elevated

Since February, customer needs have changed suddenly and repeatedly, and required overnight transformations. Leading airlines reimagined call centers. Global banks delivered new lending products. Major universities quickly moved to online learning. Those types of radical pivots—made safely—are made possible through the integration of AI-driven insight, Cloud’s power and agility, and the ability to keep data and systems secure.

Supply chain, secured

Supply chains should get more responsive, resilient and secure. Fast. Making that happen typically requires a digital, cloud-powered core that connects global market, finance and supply chain data; uses AI to make correlations within that data; and deploys cyber to protect the data streaming in from everywhere. Connected, AI, Cloud and Cyber create an integrated core that helps companies respond quickly to the moment and shape their services, delivery and products for recovery.

Future of work, virtualized

We’ve glimpsed the future of work and seen its potential benefits and challenges. Together, AI, Cloud and Cyber can help amplify the good and mitigate the bad. Cloud’s agility enables employers to launch applications and tap tools that support collaboration. AI infuses applications with intelligence, using data to improve employee experience and tech adoption. And Cyber limits risks heightened during recovery—protecting privacy, safeguarding remote devices, and maintaining access to servers for the right employees.

Future of finance, realized

Before the pandemic, companies were already integrating AI, Cloud and Cyber to rethink finance operations—connecting back-office and front-office data, reporting in real time and automating processes everywhere from contracting to collections. As capital becomes less certain and efficiency more critical, a secure, integrated core is essential to real-time decision-making, financial agility, capital investment and the ability to not only recover, but to bolster operational resilience.

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