Boosting digital transformation with better integration

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Digital transformation requires hyper-connectivity between apps, technology, and users. New approaches to integration are showing promise to provide that connectivity, if the right pieces are in place.

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New approaches to app and tech integration can boost digital transformation

True digital transformation requires a hyper-connected ecosystem where information flows freely between those who need it and those who provide it. However, that level of connectivity has often proven elusive. In this episode, David Linthicum talks with MuleSoft’s Matt McLarty and Deloitte’s Kurt Anderson about how new thinking on application and technology integration holds promise to help organizations achieve their connectivity goals and enable faster digital transformation.


You can't do anything to transform digitally without integration, and certainly APIs, as building blocks in the transformation.

Matt McLarty is Global Field CTO & VP of the Digital Transformation Office (DTO) at MuleSoft. In that role, he helps large organizations evolve their software delivery and system management practices with a continuous focus on improved business outcomes.

Kurt Anderson is a managing director in Deloitte's cloud practice. He sits in Deloitte's API and Integration services offering and focuses on technology-led transformations with business and technology stakeholders, helping them transform against their digital agenda and execute against priority business programs.



Digital transformation: it’s not just about the technology

Digital transformation requires more than technology. It's about improving the customer experience, adding value, and making sure that the digital ecosystem is secure and compliant.


Digital transformation requires a cloud-native mindset

Despite the strong imperative to digitally transform, many companies still struggle with it. One strategy is to adopt a cloud-native mindset and re-think software development, delivery, and deployment.

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Cloud, in context

Cloud is more than technology. It’s about making cloud work for your business. Our hosts, David Linthicum and Mike Kavis, deliver their unique perspectives around the technology, business, and culture of cloud to help you achieve your cloud goals. Topics range from an enterprise-level, strategic look at cloud to practical information on the people, processes, and technology that can make cloud work better for your organization.

David is a top cloud influencer and author of 13 books plus thousands of articles on cloud. Mike is the author of two books, including the recently published Accelerating Cloud Adoption, and won the 2010 AWS Global Startup Challenge. They know cloud. Listen to the Deloitte On Cloud podcast to get the information you need to achieve your possible with cloud.

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