Exposing the core assets of communication service providers through APIs

Enabling and accelerating growth in the digital ecosystem

‚ÄčAt one point, application programmable interfaces (APIs) were a nice-to-have capability, but today they are game changers. The pervasiveness of mature digital ecosystems with rich sets of APIs available to developers to build their own digital services has extended beyond the technology industry to the media, financial services, automotive, and health care industries. For communication service providers (CSPs), APIs can open new streams of revenue by monetizing existing network assets in a brokered ecosystem. CSPs should look into evolving the traditional stack to an integrated everything-as-a-service ecosystem and adopt an API-driven delivery model to increase revenue and reduce cost.

‚ÄčEnabling an API-driven delivery model

To sustain growth beyond existing broadband and voice services, communication service providers must seek new solutions and platforms to drive internal efficiencies, while opening new revenue streams and channels to market existing services.

Using APIs as a foundational capability for this purpose makes a very compelling case for adoption due to their flexibility, ease of use, and scalability.

There are several barriers to accomplishing this ideological shift, the biggest of which is the perception that a slow-paced, process-heavy organization that struggles in the face of competition from OTT service providers will have difficulty in adopting a more nimble product development and launch approach.

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