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How to keep up with cloud computing

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Where to go to keep up with the ever-changing cloud computing industry? As technology evolves, so do publications and information sources. Here are some ways to stay current.

October 5, 2018

A blog post by David Linthicum, managing director, chief cloud strategy officer, Deloitte Consulting LLP

Over the years, many people asked me where to go to keep up with the ever-changing cloud computing industry. It’s important to realize that the places you go are also ever-changing. As the technology evolves, so do the publications and information sources. So, this list is valid today, but it might not be in the future.

That said, here are some of the ways I stay current:

First, make sure to set up Alerts. I have one for “Cloud Computing,” which is easy. But, I have alerts for “Machine Learning,” “IoT,” and “Internet of Things,” as well as “Serverless” and “Containers.”

These will push news to your inbox at intervals that you want to receive the news. While you’ll just scan the e-mails. I’ve discovered some great leads in these alerts. I urge you to set up keyword topics that interest you, cloud and beyond.

Second, check out InfoWorld’s1 news section on cloud computing each week. They have a good take on technology in general and focus on cloud computing as well. Key thought leaders write for the magazine and you can take a practical look at the real value of today’s technology, in short and easy-to-read articles.

Third, look at InformationWeek2. They cover cloud computing as well, and take a more enterprise-focused view. Information Week seems to be news focused, so if you’re trying to keep up with the latest, that’s a good source.

Fourth, Cloud Tweaks3. This is one of those sites that allow many different writers to contribute. Sometimes it’s good to hear from those who are not in the tech press, and you’ll find their voices here. While there are some articles that are clearly marketing-oriented, most have unique perspectives that are out of the box.

Finally, NetworkWorld4. Obviously, it’s network focused, but they cover a wide variety of cloud computing topics as well, and maintain a full time reporting staff. I’ve found some of better cloud articles in this publication, and often leverage their ideas when speaking to clients.

This is just my list. Yours may need to vary a great deal to meet your specific needs. I would urge you to read at least one article a day. I reserve an hour each day just to research news.


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