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Leverage open source to drive cloud innovation

Part of the For Cloud Professionals podcast series

Once considered to be an unusual development methodology, open source has come into its own. Companies now understand that they can take advantage of different perspectives and collaboration in the open source community to drive cloud innovation and deliver better products faster than ever.

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Innovate faster in the cloud with open source

Once considered an unusual way to develop end-user software, open source is now pervasive, and it has come into its own as an innovation engine—especially for cloud. The open source development model fosters the kind of creativity and associated speed of production that is largely unavailable with traditional, proprietary development models. In this episode of the podcast, David Linthicum and guest, Chris Wright of Red Hat, discuss the benefits of leveraging open source development. Chris argues that using open source models can help organizations unlock value by pairing tools and technologies with people in a collaborative environment that stimulates great ideas. He also gives his predictions on the bright future of open source and discusses ways open source development can help companies operate more effectively in times of disruption.

Disclaimer: As referenced in this podcast, “Amazon” refers to AWS (Amazon Web Services) and “Google” refers to GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

The opensource development model, enables a kind of creativity and associated velocity that means today the innovation engine for the industry is open source.Chris Wright is senior vice president and chief technology officer (CTO) at Red Hat. He is responsible for incubating emerging technologies and developing forward-looking perspectives that help organizations build improved information systems.

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Opening up the world of commercial open source software

Once relegated to IT infrastructure and middleware, open source software has gone commercial. Cloud providers are taking notice, meaning that open source holds tremendous potential to power the future of cloud and drive innovation.

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Put Cloud in context with the future of business and technology

Because cloud is never just about cloud, a podcast about cloud isn’t either. Our two hosts deliver two unique perspectives to help bring you closer to achieving what matters most—your possible.

For Cloud Professionals, hosted by David Linthicum, provides an enterprise-level, strategic look at key issues impacting clients’ businesses. David, ranked as the #1 cloud influencer in a recent Apollo Research report, has published 13 books on computing, written over 5,000 published articles and performed over 500 conference presentations, making his specialization in the power of cloud simply undeniable.

As a pioneer in cloud computing, Mike Kavis leads Architecting the Cloud, which offers insights from the POV of those who’ve had hands-on experience with cloud technology. Mike’s personal cloud journey includes leading the team that built the world's first high-speed transaction network in Amazon's public cloud—a project that ultimately won the 2010 AWS Global Startup Challenge.

With two leaders in your ear, you’ll have the content you need to drive the next conversation around cloud. Check out both talk tracks within the Deloitte On Cloud podcast to get the compelling stories on your schedule to help you understand the topics that are reshaping today’s market.

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