Reimagining modern teams:
A series from WIRED

“Modern Teams for Modern Problems” is a new WIRED series that shares how Deloitte is collaborating with clients to adapt their workforce and lead the future of business consulting. Deloitte Consulting CEO Dan Helfrich hosts a series of client conversations that highlight how we’re reimagining the way companies work—with teams at the heart.

Understanding the multiple dimensions of trust

The Center for Women and Enterprise measures the unmeasurable

The Center for Women and Enterprise (CWE) works with over 4,500 female entrepreneurs to support women in becoming economically empowered. And with a mission to be the most trusted training and technical assistance resource for these women, CWE needed insights into how much staff and clients trusted them. HX TrustID™, a Deloitte-designed platform that helps humanize data and make trust measurable, felt like a perfect fit.

We believe that if we’re more intentional about creating trust and understanding who trusts us and who needs more connection from us, that we will attract folks who aren’t going anywhere for help.

—Gaby King Morse, CEO, The Center for Women and Enterprise

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Dan Helfrich talks with the Center for Women and Enterprise

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Making management 'smartphone simple'

Kroger reimagines work by letting go of legacy systems and teaming together

Like many businesses that remained open through the pandemic, Kroger has faced skyrocketing growth and fluctuating staff over the past few years. A multifaceted team—leveraging new technologies and support from Google Cloud, data science and store operations experience from Deloitte, and direct Kroger store-level associate feedback—came together to create My Day. All to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Changing the experience for our associates has been forefront over the last five years in particular, because we recognize that when we make the lives of our associates easier and simpler, they can then invest that time in our customers.

—Jim Clendenen, VP of Enterprise Retail Systems, Kroger

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Teaming together to fight a global crisis

The World Economic Forum rallies to help 100 million farmers

In an industry where tight margins make it hard to focus on anything beyond the crop season, farmers are increasingly depending on disappearing resources. Implementing sustainable farming methods at scale is an almost insurmountable task—but one that could change our climate trajectory. Real change happens with the right team, and the World Economic Forum is leaning on both expected and unexpected partners—from farmers to tech companies to financial consultants at Deloitte—to make it a reality.

There's this unique opportunity where we can buy time with food and agriculture. There is no other system or industry that is anywhere near ready to sequester carbon and do that in a way that restores nature and enhances resilience as food systems. … And yet, if we don’t do that in a way that brings people and farmers along with us from the start, then that won’t happen.

— Sean De Cleene, Head of the Future of Food at World Economic Forum

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Turning to HBCUs for the future of higher education

The United Negro College Fund reimagines the college experience

As unique, community-based environments, historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) require unique, high-touch digital experiences—something made abundantly clear during the pandemic. When the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) set out to deliver a new digital education platform, it teamed with Deloitte Ethos to build a coalition across HBCUs to bring its vision to life. And that vision might change the future of higher education as we know it.

We push our institutions to document and share as much as you can, as often as you can . . . because if you think about our success as community success, rather than institutional success, you’ll realize that you can go fast alone but you can go further together and that’s how we approach this work.

—Edward Smith-Lewis, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Institutional Programs at UNCF

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Dan Helfrich talks with the United Negro College Fund

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Expanding health care beyond hospital walls

AT&T makes equitable care a reality with connectivity for all

Before the pandemic, AT&T and Deloitte were already working together on digital-first care options to improve patients’ health care journeys and ensure equitable care. But once COVID hit, that project became mission critical. By leaning into its 360-degree relationship with Deloitte, AT&T put together a talented team that created solutions to deliver comprehensive remote care—solutions that helped patients through the pandemic and are redefining the health care standard of the future.

Diversity is not only the right thing, but it’s right for business. I don’t think you can find a better example than our collaboration. We’re a technology company, and you have tremendous technology chops. We could easily put the smartest people in the room to come up with a best-in-class technology solution. But that technology solution doesn’t mean anything if the clinicians, doctors, nurses, and patients don’t see the value in it.

—Zee Hussain, Senior Vice President Global Business at AT&T

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Putting patient safety first, no matter what

Moderna takes an agile approach in a race against time

How do you create a new platform at a massive, unprecedented scale with complex capabilities in months, rather than years? That’s the challenge Moderna faced when developing an adverse event monitoring tool to keep track of patients’ reactions to their COVID vaccine. Product and safety standards were non-negotiable. Time was of the essence. The world was watching. And with the help of Deloitte’s ElevateSafety™ platform, they achieved the unthinkable.

The Moderna Mindset—you have values, and the values are the way that we operate—we’re gonna be bold, we’re gonna be collaborative. But the Moderna Mindset is the ‘how’—how do you do that? I remember the day that the mindsets were shared, and it helped me feel so unapologetic for having good ideas, pushing them through, being the woman I wanted to be in business.

—Jane Carroll, VP of Pharmacovigilance Operations at Moderna

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Answering a call for all during the pandemic

Virginia listens to the needs of the deaf community

COVID contact centers are essential for providing local vaccination information. But when the Commonwealth of Virginia set up its contact centers, it realized 15,000 of the state’s residents were not being served: the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Virginia teamed up with Deloitte and a nonprofit to deliver a solution in just three weeks—and became the only state to provide real-time American Sign Language (ASL) COVID support.

Building relationships with various people is an important part of this. As you network, you can identify strengths and weaknesses and understand what those entities have to offer, and you can pool your resources and capitalize on each other’s strengths.

—Eric Raff, Director, Virginia Department for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

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