How do your personalization capabilities stack up?

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Deloitte Digital’s Personalization Benchmarking Calculator is an interactive tool that reveals how your organization’s personalization strategy stacks up against the market. Get insight into how better personalization could impact your key business metrics such as potential added revenue, the potential impact of specific investments, and more unique takeaways that can help your business.

Want to see where your organization lands among the market's personalization maturity rankings?

Want to see where your capabilities land among the competition’s personalization maturity? We surveyed thousands of companies and consumers to learn what the best personalization looks like and what benefits it brings. Deloitte Digital’s Personalization Benchmarking Calculator is built on a foundation from our recent personalization research and offers you an immediate, curated look at what you have to gain by embracing meaningful personalization to maximize growth. Simply mark your answers in this short 3-minute quiz and find out:

  • Potential additional revenue your organization is missing out on
  • How your KPI’s could improve
  • How your answers compare to the market

…and much more.

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