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Deloitte's Scott Buchholz gives a primer on quantum computing

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Quantum computing is the next frontier for IT. And, although it's not quite ready for prime time, it's essential for organizations to understand its power and potential.

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Deloitte’s Scott Buchholz takes a deep dive into quantum computing

In this episode, Deloitte Managing Director Scott Buchholz dives into quantum computing. He explains how it works and how it differs from traditional computing. He also touches on risks and provides sample use cases. However, he cautions that quantum computing capabilities are still experimental and not yet production ready. Nonetheless, he strongly advises that companies educate themselves on quantum computing’s power and collaborate with their hyperscalers to plan for a quantum future.


Everybody should be spending time getting to understand what quantum computers might change in our organizations...and how we should think about getting ready for them.

Scott Buchholz is a managing director at Deloitte Consulting LLP. He helps clients use technology to transform their mission and business. Scott is the national emerging tech research director for Deloitte Consulting, helping companies explore quantum computing and related technologies.

Ready for cloud's future? It might be a quantum leap

The future of cloud is unknowable, but it might be predictable. Deloitte's chief futurist, Mike Bechtel, thinks that cloud's future might lie with decentralized cloud architectures and quantum computing.

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Intel's Josh Hilliker on how to optimize your cloud architecture

To return more value from cloud, it's essential to optimize its infrastructure. Intel's Josh Hilliker has thoughts on how you can do that with optimization—and policy-as-code, as well as effective governance.


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