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Driving enterprise value with a three-dimensional tech strategy, enabled by cloud

Increase your digital transformation value

What does it take to run a successful digital transformation? It’s more than just the right technology—it requires alignment across your enterprise, from strategy to tech to change capacity. Our new report dives into the three-pronged approach, enabled by cloud, that delivers enterprise value and ROI when transforming your digital landscape.

Three tech strategies driving enterprise value and ROI

According to Deloitte Global research, organizations that deliver successful digital transformations bring together strategy, technology, and a strong change capability. However, many organizations—approximately 66% of Fortune 500s—still have not lined up tech and business objectives, leaving considerable room for better business and technology strategy alignment. This analysis discovered that a three-dimensional tech strategy—consisting of a mature tech focus; a platform strategy; and investment in technologies like AI, cloud, and cyber—can help drive enterprise value and increase your digital transformation ROI.

In this report, we examine the relationship among these three dimensions, market cap and stock returns.

  • Tech maturity: Explores how using established versus newer technologies has an impact on enterprise value and digital transformation by grouping financial statements into two categories: (1) those modernizing their technology infrastructure by moving away from older technology and investing in mainframe, traditional ERP, data and analytics, and other approaches to modernize legacy strategies; and (2) those more focused on using new technologies like AI, IoT, cloud, blockchain, cloud-enabled ERP, and others to drive innovative strategies.
  • Tech theme/category: Considers the enterprise value seen from five common digital transformation themes: insights, experiences, platforms, connectivity, and integrity. It found that platform technologies, such as cloud, quantum, and edge computing, have a highly positive relationship to market value increases.
  • Individual technologies: Drills down one level deeper to understand how specific, discrete technologies like AI, cloud, cyber, ERP, IoT and blockchain individually relate to enterprise value. The analysis showed distinct value opportunities related to each technology, with value trend cycles and clear variances by industry.

A three-dimensional tech strategy, enabled by cloud, can drive market value

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Cloud investments drive enterprise value and enable innovation

Together, these elements can create a more three-dimensional tech strategy—and cloud strategy and investments can be a considerable enabler of each.

Sustaining enterprise value through implementation

A value- or results-focused technology strategy can make or break a digital transformation and the market value an organization sees from its investments. Leaders that fail to invest in innovation, think horizontally across technology categories, and connect individual technology programs to strategic objectives may be missing opportunities to drive more market value. Importantly, cloud strategies can bring together these three dimensions to help drive significant market value for organizations undergoing digital transformation.




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