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Translational Research

Transform research and development

Historically, life sciences manufacturers have generated insights by consuming and processing large amounts of third-party data and evidence by fielding bespoke clinical and observational research. These approaches have been shown to be highly inefficient and are no longer widely acceptable to improve performance. Providers, regulators, and payers are moving towards systematic reviews of real-world data to confirm product safety, cost-effectiveness, and clinical value. It is time that life sciences manufacturers also embrace real-world data analytics across the business model.

ConvergeHEALTH provides new solutions, technologies, collaborations, and business models that support the transition to value-based, personalized health care by creating a “learning health care system” which provides actionable insights to improve quality, reduce costs, and drive innovation. The Miner solution suite enables life sciences companies to improve clinical and translational research capabilities, facilitate personalized genomic medicine, support comparative effectiveness analyses leveraging real-world evidence, and improve safety and disease surveillance programs.