Increasing consumer engagement through retail pharmacy services

Moving beyond the pill

The pharmacy business is undergoing dramatic changes. Fueled by health care reform, increasing competition, and shrinking margins, retailers are faced with the reality that their health and wellness business should consider adapting to the changing landscape.

The rise of value-focused heath care in the face of a looming primary care physician shortage presents retail pharmacies with an opportunity to expand their services beyond basic prescription dispensing.
As consumers begin to take a more proactive role in their health care, they are also turning to pharmacies for advice and counseling. The increased access and value focus could end up diverting some consumers to the retail pharmacies thereby impacting foot traffic and, potentially, the market basket.

Key takeaways

  • Retailers can maximize the pharmacy as an asset by engaging the health care consumer
  • In the current environment of increased consumerism and a shortage of primary care providers, pharmacies can position themselves to increase revenues and foot traffic in retail stores by providing a broader portfolio of health and wellness services
  • The increased engagement with a pharmacist can impact customer loyalty and expand the market basket with non-prescription sales
  • Retail pharmacy services can promote awareness, increase adherence, and drive cost-efficiency for the overall health care system​

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