Customer Analytics for Retail

The three-minute guide to customer analytics for retail


Deloitte Analytics to collaborate with the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative

Deloitte Analytics announced a collaboration with the Customer Analytics Initiative at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (WCAI).


Consumer behavior over lab results: The power of lifestyle-based analytics

Learn more about the future of lifestyle-based analytics in health care and how it might apply to your organization.  


Analytics in retail

Apply analytics to manage and forecast performance

Going to market with a smarter approach.

The Retail sector has seen considerable change in this uncertain economy. Highly informed and more demanding customers are challenging retailers to consider new ways of tapping into their data to answer the “crunchy questions” that can hold the key to improving performance. As the questions become more complicated to answer, retailers require in-depth insights to effectively manage and forecast future performance.

Oftentimes, the questions are enterprise-wide in nature; traditional siloed analysis is simply not enough:

  • Who are the next 1,000 customers we will lose—and why?
  • Which suppliers are most at risk of going out of business?
  • Which customers are our biggest influencers?
  • Will our workforce profile match our needs in two years?
  • How will demographic shifts affect our market share?
  • Which high-performing associates are we at risk of losing?

Advanced analytics represent a portfolio of tools, techniques, and organizational capabilities that can be applied to specific decisions across a wide range of business concerns. This article highlights six key areas where retailers can apply analytics to drive value for their stakeholders.

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The retail transformation
New technologies and new ways to connect with consumers are transforming the retail sector. To compete effectively, traditional retailers should reimagine how they create and capture value, thinking past omnichannel positioning to find the best uses for their assets.

The thinker and the shopper
The time could be ripe for consumers and consumer products companies to embrace cognitive technologies, which can offer companies ways to deliver benefits to consumers to a greater degree than previously possible.

Running on data: Activity trackers and the Internet of Things
The fitness tracker on your wrist may be the most evident sign of the Internet of Things, but it is just one node resting on top of communications, analytics, policy, and even behavioral infrastructure.

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Analytics in Action: Customer

Turn customer and prospect demographic, transaction, and preference data into actionable insights.


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