Full-Spectrum Customer Analytics

Deliver more personalized customer experience

What does it take to deliver what customers really want today? You need to understand their issues, goals, preferences, behaviors—even their lives. Customer analytics solutions give you a more complete view of your customers and your business, providing insights that can fuel smarter decisions today. Start here to see how customer insights can turn into actions.

Our customer analytics solutions deliver specific insights on challenges in areas such as:

  • Planning: Customer insights can and should have a profound impact on product and business planning efforts. While research-driven knowledge of customer preferences and behaviors has long been part of the planning process, today it’s possible to pierce more deeply into each of these areas and combine different types of data and observations—fast—to create a new and often more valuable class of integrated insight.
  • Product innovation: Whether it’s enhancing or expanding a product that’s always on the market, or launching something entirely new, hard data on consumer choices and preferences can play a bigger role in informing your team’s idea generation. Don’t guess at what consumers may want. Know.
  • Pricing optimization: Pricing tends to be a notoriously fickle part of most businesses, given the natural volatility of consumer preferences and constantly shifting market environments. But with analytics solutions that offer deeper insights into consumer preferences, it’s possible to set prices that help maximize profit or revenue by customer, segment, and channel.
  • Marketing and customer acquisition: Are your marketing initiatives evolving along with the changing needs and preferences of your consumers? With analytics, it’s possible to not only develop a clearer picture of the consumer, determining what’s working, what’s not, who’s most important to you, and more—but also to generate those insights in time to inform your current efforts, rather than simply create a portrait of what happened in the past.
  • Distribution effectiveness and optimization: Consumers are playing a more active role in the distribution phase than ever before. They're more informed, more vocal, and have greater visibility into the process. That's a good thing, as long as you have the insights necessary to meet a quickly changing set of needs and preferences. That’s where analytics can make all the difference.
  • Sales growth and revenue: The better you know your customers, the better your ability to sell to them. Analytics can help the sales team develop a more sophisticated, nuanced, and dynamic understanding of their customers and customer segments—often in time to inform live conversations with clients as they unfold. Just as important, these insights can help shift the focus of sales planning efforts in productive new ways.
  • Post-sales support/service: What happens after the sale can be as important as what happens before. After the sale, companies are often forced to react to unpredictable consumer issues as quickly as possible. But what if you could predict those issues, or identify patterns in post-sale consumer behavior as they emerge? What if you could determine what level of service an individual consumer should receive, at a moment’s notice? With analytics, you can.

To learn how our Analytics Answers address the tough questions in each of these areas, download the interactive PDF.

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