Time by design solutions

Deliver faster. Improve profitability.

Manufacturing executives recognize the benefits that come from delivering their products more quickly—reduced operating costs, freed-up capital, increased revenues, and improved competitiveness. However, few manufacturers have the capabilities required to effectively manage their total end-to-end delivery time, which is often called “lead time” or “span time.”

Deloitte’s Time by Design solution helps executives prioritize and target areas that hinder performance. We provide proprietary algorithms, analytics know-how, and the technology often needed to identify specific ways to improve performance across complex value chains. We also provide the predictive capability needed to answer tough questions.

Deloitte’s Time by Design solution is designed to help manufacturers reduce lead time and increase profitability. The technology behind the solution can be hosted on Deloitte systems as software as a service (SaaS) or installed on the organization’s system. Manufacturers gain new capabilities that can help:

  •  Improve cash flow through lower raw and work-in-process inventory and shorter business cycles
  •  Reduce delivery times and increase confidence in on-time delivery
  •  Lower direct and indirect costs by reducing production time
  •  Win more bids with more competitive delivery times
  •  Increase revenue by meeting performance-based contract requirements
  • Reduce risk by helping managers anticipate possible production problems before they occur

If you want to reduce production lead time while improving your organization’s bottom line and competitiveness, we should talk. Please reach out to any of us to get the conversation started.

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