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Data USA builds visual narratives using public data

The US government offers nearly 200,000 data sets for public use, but many are out of reach and can be challenging to understand. That’s changed with Data USA, a platform that transforms public data into visual data and insights. A collaboration among Deloitte, MIT Media Lab’s Collective Learning Group, and Datawheel, Data USA combines publicly accessible US government data from a variety of statistical agencies and brings it to life in more than 2 million visualizations.

Using data visualization to support the COVID-19 crisis response and decision-making

Launched in March 2020, Data USA’s new COVID-19 site visualizes the impact of COVID-19 in the US, allowing users to understand the virus by the numbers, drill down by state, filter by infection date, explore state risks and readiness, and more. With Data USA, users can access millions of existing data visualizations by topic or location. Data can be combined into custom maps and data visualizations to answer unique questions about the impact of COVID-19, a community’s response and preparedness for ongoing health and economic challenges, and an organization’s response to the crisis.

Visit Data USA’s COVID-19 site to explore data by cases, mobility, economic impact, and risks

Open data for accessible insights

In 2014, Deloitte, data analysis and visualization company Datawheel, and César Hidalgo, Professor at the MIT Media Lab and director, Collective Learning Group, joined forces to improve understanding of and access to US government data. The goal? To provide rich, accessible insights to inform decision-making at all levels.

Over the next year, they worked with a team of economists, data scientists, designers, researchers, and business leaders with input from policymakers, government officials, and everyday citizens to develop Data USA.

Launched in the spring of 2016, Data USA offers visual data that answers the everyday questions of citizens, businesses, and government. It delivered more than 1 million page views and 2.5 million sessions in its first year, with the majority of visitors coming from organic search.

Deloitte, the MIT Media Lab, and Datawheel continue to work together to enhance the site, adding new features and data sets for deeper perspective and analysis.

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Deloitte and MIT Media Lab collaborate for innovation

As a member of the MIT Media Lab, Deloitte gains access to pre-eminent faculty and more than 400 cutting-edge projects across 26 lab areas. It offers us a springboard for innovative ideas and allows us to bring business challenges to the Lab and explore new technologies, products, services, and solutions.

In collaboration with the MIT Media Lab, Deloitte hosted an executive workshop exploring the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). Deloitte Consulting’s Chief Data Scientist Jim Guszcza recently interviewed MIT Media Lab Professor Sandy Pentland about artificial intelligence and human-computer collaboration.

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Advancing the arc of conversation

Through Data USA, Deloitte can deliver tailored insights backed by hard data, advance the arc of conversations on these critical topics, and raise questions never thought of before. Deloitte views Data USA as a platform—not just a tool—to build upon through collaboration, adding data sets, and customizing as needed for clients. Data USA demonstrates that Deloitte can help clients in a world where data is open and free.

For more information, contact:

  • Ann Perrin, Deloitte Services LP, Senior Manager, Data USA Project Leader
  • Bill Eggers, Deloitte Services LP, Managing Director, Center for Government Insights
  • César Hildago, MIT Media Lab professor, and director, Collective Learning Group

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William D. Eggers

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Matt Gentile

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