Technology in the mid-market: Taking ownership

2016 survey of middle market companies

Results from Deloitte's fourth annual survey of mid-market technology trends show that 52 percent of executives approach technology investments for their strategic value, up from under 40 percent in the past two years. A focus on productivity and speed-to-value drives executives’ investments, while IT security continues to be a top priority.

Taking ownership

Mid-market companies are realizing value through early investments in the cloud, social, mobile, and data analytics that have reached a new level of maturity. CIOs and CTOs are calling more of the shots when it comes to new technology, with survey respondents indicating that 49 percent of technology adoption is now led by IT department leaders, compared to only 36 percent in 2015.

Highlights of key findings include:

  • Fifty-four percent of respondents say their company’s technology spend is higher than last year and 28 percent indicate their technology spend is more than five percent of revenue. 
  • Increased productivity is the top reason for the survey companies’ investments in technology. Cloud infrastructure, analytics, and big data rank at the top of technologies most likely to generate productivity gains. 
  • Thirty-six percent of executives identify “managing cybersecurity and information risk” as their top technology priority. Not surprisingly, 61 percent say implementation of new security processes is the most important focus of their cyber-security spending.
  • Among emerging technologies, 88 percent of respondents use some form of virtual or augmented reality in their business; for the Internet of Things (IoT), 56 percent report mature deployments or building those capabilities.

To learn more, download the Technology in the mid-market—Taking ownership PDF. The full survey results are included in a separate appendix.

Highlights of survey findings

About the survey

From June 17, 2016 to July 5, 2016, this Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services survey conducted by OnResearch, a market research firm, polled 500 mid-market executives to explore technology trends, determine the role and value of technology, and help gauge how it influences business decisions. Survey respondents were limited to executives at companies with annual revenues ranging from $100 million to more than $1 billion.

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