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Transforming your supply chain with Control Tower

See, manage, and prevent supply chain disruption

In today’s highly connected world, innovative and disruptive technologies are changing the world of manufacturing and reinventing supply chains. Through supply chain transformation, Deloitte is helping organizations take advantage of digitization’s many benefits. Digital supply networks offer flexible, interconnected solutions for supply chain optimization that can lead to increased efficiency, quality, customer experience, and revenue growth.

Enter the digital supply network Control Tower

Designed for supply chain optimization, Control Tower is a set of tools and techniques that allow executives to proactively manage their end-to-end supply chains in real time and achieve new efficiencies through connected visibility, proactive exception management, and predictive insights. This targeted approach to supply chain digitization offers a way to recognize the extraordinary cases and identify the right triage and solutions to drive maximum value. Control Tower also allows supply chain executives to narrow their scope and focus on the few areas that are causing the majority of issues, while the rest of the supply chain can continue functioning, business as usual.

Three critical inputs are needed to establish a well-functioning Control Tower:

  • Data: An insights and decision support platform that monitors transactional data from internal and external sources and automatically separates issues from the mass.
  • Analytics and visualization: Advanced analytics provide a holistic view of supply chain information through data consolidation and help identify risks; high risks identified are then analyzed in detail using case level reports to uncover specific issues.
  • User-based insights focused on solving real business issues: Business insights can be leveraged to unlock value across the organization and develop data-driven business models.

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The 2018 Deloitte Industry 4.0 investment survey found that when executives were asked, "what function are you prioritizing for future [digital] investment?" The supply chain emerged as the top overall answer, with 62 percent responding.

Getting started on optimization with Control Tower

Developing and enabling a Control Tower capability can take different forms, depending on the organization and inherent business issues. The process begins with the identification of a problem that needs to be solved and the business outcomes desired. Some clear signals indicate the potential benefits of a control tower:

  • Lack of visibility in the supply chain
  • Highly complex system/data landscape
  • Frustration about next-gen capabilities
  • “Firefighting” in the organization
  • High amount of errors in processes
  • Customer sentiment not matching internal metrics
  • Lack of end-to-end orchestration
  • Difficulty in generating insights from data sets

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Reaping the benefits: Clear visibility ahead

Control Tower is scalable and adaptable for supply chain transformation. It can be used to address many issues within the supply chain to deliver tangible benefits: increased revenue, better margins, asset efficiency, enhanced risk mitigation, and increased responsiveness.

In an increasingly connected, digital world, it is easier than ever before to implement stand-alone tools and systems intended to enhance the supply chain. Control Tower enables organizations to distinguish the critical issues from business-as-usual through an insights and decision support platform. Organizations can harness the power of data to gain clear visibility and drive real business results.

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Control Tower in action

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The Deloitte Digital Supply Networks offering helps senior executives, including chief executive officers, chief information officers, and supply chain leaders, identify and realize new supply network opportunities while managing their inherent complexities. Our practice offers deep industry knowledge in all functional areas of supply chain, coupled with robust end-to-end, cross-functional supply chain experience. To talk to a member of our team about transforming your supply chain with Control Tower, please fill out the form below. We'll be in touch soon.

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