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Expanding the pie

Opportunities for utilities to monetize customer engagement

The findings of the Deloitte Resources 2015 study point to an opportunity for utilities to work more closely with both business and household utility decision-makers to help them achieve their energy management goals. Two industry leaders discuss how utilities can leverage their ongoing customer interactions to improve customer engagement.

Utilities to optimize their existing services and seek alternative revenue streams

The Deloitte Resources 2015 Study gave voice to more than 600 businesses and 1,500 decision-makers, and their message is clear: The concept of energy management has become ingrained and the commitment to reducing consumption has become entrenched. Consumers are looking to utilities for information and guidance regarding how they might reduce their electric bills and businesses consider energy management to be an essential aspect of corporate strategy. In this report, two leaders in the power and utilities industry discuss the significant opportunity for electric utilities to provide new and innovative demand-side energy management services.

The utility “prosumer” at a glance

An increasing number of consumers and businesses now have the ability to generate their own electricity; nearly all have specific energy-related goals, such as cutting their costs, reducing their carbon footprints, or attaining greater resiliency, and they are no longer looking to the utility to meet all of their needs.

Use of digital channels growing among utility customers

The power within the utility industry has shifted, and as in other service industries, it now resides in the hands of diverse, digitally-savvy, and ever-more-informed customers.

About the Deloitte Resources 2015 study

In March 2015, Deloitte, with strategy and market research firm Harrison Group, a YouGov Company, conducted its fifth annual nationwide resources study (the “2015 study” or “study”) to provide insights that can be useful in helping energy companies and businesses make energy-related investment and business decisions. The study captures two views: a consumer perspective and a business perspective. The consumer portion is based on more than 1,500 demographically balanced online interviews with household decision-makers for utility services. The business portion is based on more than 600 online interviews with business decision-makers responsible for energy management practices at companies with more than 250 employees across all industries.

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