Safety cards


The safety deck

52 cards to help keep you out of harm’s way

​From tips on staying safe when you're stringing holiday lights on your roof to avoiding an embarrassing parking lot accident, our deck of safety cards can help you get through it all.

A focus on safety

​Over the years, we've seen many of our clients take time at the beginning of internal meetings to focus on "safety moments" and wanted to offer them and others easy and effective tips to share.

As a firm, we're dedicated to helping our clients identify, measure, and mitigate risk. So we created these cards to provide suggestions for how we can all take small steps to improve safety in our daily lives—whether at work or at home.

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safety deck of cards

Stacking the deck: What’s an effective crisis response?

​It's out there: the fraud incident, the data breach, the safety lapse, the technological meltdown. Your next crisis could manifest itself in a number of ways. And—almost by definition—you won't see it coming.

How quickly and effectively your organization responds, stems the overflow of information, and communicates with stakeholders throughout the event will have a lasting effect on how your company is judged. Learn more about how you can increase your odds of an effective crisis response.

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Safety deck of cards

Strategic risk management

Rising demand from unexpected sources. Business model threats from upstarts in new sectors. A shifting geopolitical landscape. The new breed of connected information systems. Natural disasters. And more.

These challenges can threaten the very survival of your organization. Deloitte's risk, governance, and crisis specialists provide consultative and managed services to help C-Suite executives, boards, and decision makers identify, assess, manage, and respond to strategic risks, and critical events.

Learn more about our Strategic Risk Management Services.

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safety deck of cards
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